Google Maps 7 Pack Being Scaled Down?

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A WebmasterWorld thread reports that Google may be scaling down the use of the local 7 pack of Google Maps results for some very local specific queries.

One full member at WebmasterWorld said:

Up until a day or two ago, many queries we track that would normally spawn the Google Places 7-pack, have changed. Logged in or logged out of Google services, the local Google Places 7-pack is harder to make come up.

cityname pizza - cityname plumber - cityname locksmith - cityname product, etc.

It seems like Google has turned back a few dials on the queries, to lessen the chance Google Places would automatically spawn.

Personally, I still see the 7-pack for most local queries, here is an example:

Google MAps 7 Pack

It wouldn't surprise me to see Google scale this back with all the anti-trust stuff going on now.

Back in 2009, Google pulled back on this from 10 to 7 local results and then at little later removed SEOs and designers from the local pack completely.

Do you see Google downscaling the local pack in your search results.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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09/22/2011 01:08 pm

Is this a reaction to the anti-trust troubles or a proactive move to make them seem like they are trying to comply?  Either way, I feel like this makes them seem like they are guilty of anti-trust activities despite what they say.


09/22/2011 02:20 pm

webmasters, designers, site owners - we need more competition in search - use BING, promote it to your clients and look for one more new start up ... ie a clean se "like the old days" to emerge and then support and promote them too - disengage from Goog they want your business and your wallet - this is the bottom line - wake up and smell the sewage ....


09/22/2011 02:29 pm

I notice less ads on e-commerce queries, ads are label "Sponsored Links" and the background is noticeable. Good improve.


09/23/2011 01:37 pm

The primary reasons in my opinion they incorporated the new layout for Organic listing results, from 7 pack to the more common result, was to eliminate the spam element within the business name field.  So, in it's place we see the title tag (usually the home page).   Additionally, the new layout allowed for more focus on reviews and snippets.  So it wouldn't surprise me to see elimination of the "pack" layouts altogether.  I think the only reason it still  exists is that there are still a fair percentage of SMB's that lack a website or have not linked their site via place pages.


09/24/2011 02:33 pm

yes our primary competitor in SERP is Google Local.

Neil Ferree

10/11/2011 05:50 pm

I suspect the Google Places 7 Pack will become less prominent, not only because of the anti-trust issues in play, but also because Panda is rewarding sites where quality content is driving their SEO value and well optimized video content is becoming the defacto digital asset of choice.

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