Top Contributors Share One "Disturbing Experience" With Trip To Google

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Webado, a Top Contributor from the Google Webmaster help forums posted a thread at the Google Webmaster Help forums about a "disturbing incident" they had while visiting Google.

They were at a local mall in San Francisco and noticed a "man stumbled out of a mall" where he was "under kicks and punches from security guards, and was thrown to the ground."

They even captured a video and images:

Of course, we have no idea why the security guards took such action. We do not know if he tried to steal something, if he harassed someone or if it was just all a big mistake.

But for some of these non-US residents it was a bit disturbing to see.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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09/19/2011 01:57 pm

Over reaction by security and police happens all over America. Maybe the non-US resident watch too much corporate media/tv. Check out the police shooting up a park car in Miami this past year.


09/19/2011 02:01 pm

Wow, another day in a Google StormTrooper's life. "But for some of these non-US residents it was a bit disturbing to see." They cam from the land and honey where it's OK to throw Molotov cocktails at police.


09/19/2011 04:18 pm

Is this a joke? I realize its San Francisco, but I see a very normal restraint. I didn't see any kicking or punching.  No one struck him while he was done, they restrained him.


09/19/2011 04:33 pm

If you read the link, the contributor says that the kicking and punching occurred before they were able to get their camera out.


09/19/2011 11:45 pm

This disturbing event took place in an unrelated mall in another city. How does it apply to Google, except that the author of the forum post had a tour of the Mountain View facility on his list of things to do, that day? This is kind of like posting on a Disney forum about a car accident in Los Angeles. As Disney in their Anaheim location has nothing to do with an accident in LA, so, too does Google have nothing to do with a shoplifter (or whatever) in San Francisco. Not sure why this is being reported, here. Frankly, I think it's more relevant to learn what the Top Contributors had for lunch while they visited the Googleplex. This is on par with reporting about a failure of the hotel plumbing during their visit ... not Google related.

Christina S

09/20/2011 01:24 pm

Bah, I'm the one who posted that in the Google Webmaster Central forum and took the video. Nothing to do with Google, of course.    My trip to  Mountain View was an amazing experience and such an incident doesn't mar it in any way. I love San Francisco and will go back any day. I don't want to tarnish a whole city and its people by the deeds of a few over-empowered goons. It is my sense of justice, of  right and wrong that prompted my filming and reporting the incident. I notice from all the discussions and reactions that opinions are divided according to gender of the audience. I suppose it's representative and not merely stereotypical of society in general.  

Bruce Tahoe

09/20/2011 02:58 pm

You (and the lady in the vid) are second-guessing a situation that you come upon. For all you know, they may be very polite and restrained with him, given what went on before she got there.  I don't see the bad security man here, I see a foolish SF type getting here camera out and making baseless assumptions about the security guards. You can bet your ass that she would want those guards to get busy with someone who had stole her things or attacked her in some way.


09/20/2011 06:20 pm

So ... what DID you have for lunch? ;)

WoolIe Mammoth

09/23/2011 08:33 pm

What a lot of trouble to go to, going shoplifting just to create a little linkbait. What's wrong with a pretty infographic? A couple of hours in Photoshop and no court appearance.

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