Poll: Do The Google Doodles Impact Your Traffic?

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google doodle pollI've never thought about this but a Webmaster in the WebmasterWorld forums felt that whenever Google put up a special logo, aka a Google Doodle, his traffic from Google would be down slightly.

This webmaster wanted to know if others noticed that the Google logos served as a distraction to those about to search for something and Google but then were diverted to click on the logo, ultimately abandoning their initial search query and thus losing traffic to your site.

So I figured I make a poll asking if on days Google has logos, do you have more, less or the same traffic. How would you know?

Check the dates on either our logo posts or the Google logo directory and compare it with your Google traffic. Does it dip at all when there are special logos?

Here is our poll:

Please take the poll and have your colleagues take the poll.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Stockbridge Truslow

04/01/2011 12:18 pm

I'm not sure on my traffic on this - I never really looked. It brings to mind a question I've had for a while, though... I've always wondered, more, how many people actually see the google doodles. If you use iGoogle, you can only see a small version of it in the upper corner of the search results (and nothing on the front page). Interactive ones (like the Bunsen ones yesterday) don't work and the only way to get to it (that I have found) is to turn off iGoogle. So, I've always wondered how many of the people who really make high use of google and all of the toys actually even notice them.

Ash Nallawalla

04/01/2011 10:14 pm

I work at large corporate sites that have steep day-of-week usage trend, so it's not possible to look at this angle. Public holidays in another state, e.g. Labour Day, can fall on a different date to ours and cause a noticeable drop. Google Doodles are also sometimes national, sometimes a different doodle in some countries, and people like me start off in Advanced Search where you don't see the doodle.


04/02/2011 07:16 am

There are many factors that would go into the traffic to your sight other than the design of the Google Doodle. Depending on seasonality, current events, advertisement, etc. It would be hard to pin down slower traffic on the Google Doodle.


04/02/2011 03:51 pm

I have ADD anyway just about every thing throws me off task so it's not had to believe however eventually that person will return to there initial search

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