Google Kills Location History Summary Dashboard

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Google LatitudeGoogle has dropped support for the location history dashboard. Alex Chitu first covered this explaining that the location history dashboard, that provides summaries of where you've been, has been discontinued.

A Google Maps Help thread has Google's community manager, Abby, explaining that the core location mapping data is still there but the summaries are gone. She wrote:

Thanks for your feedback on Location History and the Location History dashboard. I just wanted to jump in to let you know that you can continue to view and manage your Location History information by going to, but we've removed the Location History dashboard (the part of the Location History website that provided a summary of your locations, including total miles traveled and trip information).

We are not removing Location History entirely or deleting any raw Location History information. We're continuing to explore more useful and relevant ways for you to engage with and view location history.

Alex has screen shots of the old dashbaord but now all you get is the ability to see specific dates or a record of the past 30 days or so.

google location history map

You can access this at

Google Now does give you monthly summary snapshots of miles walked and biked.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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01/03/2014 03:41 pm

Too much big brother stuff for me. Giving one company the ability to see where you go online and offline is just plain scary. I can't wait till my contract is up so that I can get an iPhone.


01/03/2014 04:43 pm

they not penalize amazon for spam (not even small penalty and not talking us anything about it), but love to penalize every small webmasters & remove nice features from their site.


01/03/2014 05:31 pm

Smarty, stop being so smart and complaining about things on irrelevant articles :)

Wally Dury

01/04/2014 11:17 am

what would happen if EVERYONE deleted thier location history data? I know its not going to happen, but if it did...... Google would stand up and notice


01/05/2014 03:25 pm

they need to see what peoples not will forget it.

Mike Lowry

01/06/2014 11:47 am

Day by day Google Updates its data and frequently removed some features which helps webmasters and SEO experts. A general user does't know about these features.

Tom Holley

01/08/2014 02:17 pm

So sad to see this go! It was very useful for me and looking back at where I'd been on jobs etc when. I hope it comes back bigger and better

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