Google Location Based Answer Query Results

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Pegman Google MapsSpotted via blumenthals, it seems Google has a new location onebox answer result for certain types of queries.

So if you search in Google for the location of X, or searches for business name locations and so forth, Google will give you a one box result. In addition, if you search similar names for a location and Google is able to match on it, Google will be smart and show it to you.

Let me show you some examples.

Enterprise Locations In Suffern:

click for full size

Airport in Newark Location:

click for full size

Seattle Troll Location figures out Fremont Troll:

click for full size

Pretty cool!

Forum discussion at Google+.

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Harsh Wardhan Singh

01/30/2014 02:12 pm

Amazing it is! Google, the search engine for user!


01/30/2014 04:12 pm

who cannot search...


01/30/2014 09:42 pm

what if there are multiple locations, the first query is plural. unless of course there is only one answer to the search, which is entirely possible. anyone want to chime in from suffern... and how did google know it was a rental car query? kind of spooky imo

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