Google Apps Users To Get Google+ Local Verification

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Google+ Local IconThere is a process for migrating your Google+ Business Page With Google+ Local and verifying your Google Place page as a Google+ Local page.

It seems like part of that is not available to Google Apps users. Which is funny to me, because I'd assume a nice percentage of folks who need to manage Google Places / Google+ Local are Google Apps users. They are business owners.

That being said, Jade Wang from Google said Google is working on giving Google Apps users access to verify their Google+ Local pages.

She wrote in a Google Business Help thread:

New update -- the team is working on making verified pages available for Google Apps users. I'll come back to announce this is available. If you don't want to wait, you can transfer ownership to a standard Google account and verify using that account as noted previously.

How soon? I'd guess a year or two. (sarcasm maybe)

Forum discussion at Google Business Help.

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Iain Bartholomew

02/07/2013 01:24 pm

It is ridiculous to me how difficult Google have made this for themselves and more importantly for the businesses who use their local service. They started with one Google Places page and they want to end with one Google+ Local page, but in between they spawn a Google+ Business page, are forced to re-verify and need to tie their account to that of an individual person. So much hassle. Why didn't they wait till they had a changeover process that worked from start to finish?


02/08/2013 02:48 pm

The Google Places/Google+ Local is the most convoluted and unorganized corner of the Google universe. I've been working with several clients recently to create, claim, and verify listings. It has been a monstrous headache to say the least. I really wish they would have just waited to make a clean break from Google Places, instead of hanging on to the old while introducing the new (Google+ Local). I feel like I'm going into limbo every time I try managing a new client's listing.

Stacey Mayer

02/08/2013 07:05 pm

I have faith it's going to get done sooner than you think. I don't think anyone really knew how important the Google+ pages would be to their business. I believe they'll get it done simply because it's working so well for us.

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