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Google Webmaster ToolsNow you can download the most recent links Google discovered pointing to your web site. Better yet, Google will timestamp the links.

It is great to know when you acquired new links and even better to know when Google discovered those new links.

Google's new link download option can be found in the "Links to Your Site" section of Google Webmaster Tools. In there you can view the report and then click on "Download latest links."

Here is a screen shot:

Google Webmaster Tools Download Latest Links

When you download the data, Google will add a column for the date the link was discovered.

Here is a screen shot:

Google Webmaster Tools Download Latest Links

This is just great!

Google also added preview links in Google Webmaster Tools.

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07/18/2012 01:35 pm

Indeed. Great inclusion. :)

Tom Jepson

07/18/2012 01:41 pm

Liking this! :)

Jackson Lo

07/18/2012 01:49 pm

Awesome, great inclusion! :) Wish it had a column for the pages that these links referenced to.


07/18/2012 02:32 pm

A positive move. However, a disallow link tool (as Bing has produced) would have been better because of Penguin penalties; numerous sites linking in do not have any type of contact information available and their Whois is private, this basically requires a court order to ask for link removal. Very frustrating for those getting penalized in traffic as well as financially when it's not the site owner's fault.

Alec Rippberger

07/18/2012 02:57 pm

This hasn't rolled out to me yet :-/

Syed Ali

07/18/2012 03:57 pm

Great...Its really good to download that links which we are really working hard to get backlinks from other sites.


07/18/2012 05:23 pm

i hope this one can give me some more insights...

Kevin Gerding

07/18/2012 08:32 pm

When Google posts their algorithm formula in my WMT account, I'll be happy. But knowing where new links are found is a precursor to their disavow tool. Disavowing links, likely caused by negative SEO campaigns or content scrapers, is not something I want to become one of my already expanded list of daily responsibilities. Don't get me wrong, I think more information is good. But in the context of disavowing links, I think there are far better things a webmaster can do with their time like expanding on existing good quality content. Spending more time in disavow link mode will further aggravate the competition that exists between smaller enterprises and those large enterprises that employ in-house search engine professionals.


07/18/2012 09:40 pm

Well stated, Kevin.

Dan Thies

07/18/2012 11:34 pm

So far, the oldest link we've seen in one of these reports is from 2004. Must be a "most recently crawled" report?


07/19/2012 06:25 am

The disavow link tool is a ridiculous concept. Google knows what constitutes a 'bad link'. All they need to do is automatically de-index / de-value them. Leaving it up to wembasters to guess which are the good ones and bad ones, thanks to the secret scoring system, is just another way for Google to keep everyone guessing and hiring SEO firms to manage their links. Introduce enough confusion and effort required to manage, and suddenly people will go for Adwords instead of organic SEO. Funny... who ends up winning in this scenario.

Dewaldt Huysamen

07/19/2012 12:38 pm


Murthy Seo

07/19/2012 12:47 pm

This is really great features. I check and amazing work! Thanks Google


07/19/2012 12:55 pm

You are an idiot is "disavow link tool is a ridiculous concept" do you like your competitors ruin your site ??

Ralph Slate

07/19/2012 06:38 pm

How do you know if a link is good or bad? Only Google knows whether it thinks a link is good or bad. Google went too far with Penguin by penalizing sites for bad backlinks. They should have just ignored the backlinks they deemed sleazy. I still don't know which links I should be targeting to get my Penguin algorithmic penalty removed. Should I go after the blogroll links on message forums (500,000 links to 1 page on my site)? Or the links that were cloned by people copying Wikipedia (each site has 10,000 links to 10,000 different pages on my site)? Or the links that someone built into a hockey simulation application that many sites have installed (all links say "Internet Hockey Database" but point to a different player)? Which are good, which are bad?


07/19/2012 10:39 pm

Actually I think your comment shows you are more of a fool than any of the other people commenting on this subject. Google has it within their power to simply discount or devalue links. Multiple the number of webmasters in the world times the number of websites they manage and then multiple that by all of the combined links their sites they may have. How many millions of man hours will be spent on such a needless task of disavowing links? Google's intent is to waste as much of the webmaster's time as possible with such a concept. That's what I call stupid, which is even more "foolish" than your narrow minded comment. The web would be better if a competitor could not ruin anyone's website, but logic has taken a back seat to zoo animals such as panda, penguin and whatever other stuffed animals Google employees play with at work. Those that buy into the disavow concept, instead of resisting such a ridiculous endeavor, are surely laying the foundation for negative SEO to expand. If you would rather be looking at backlink profiles all day, instead of actually working on your site(s), keep being the fool that you are.

SEO Company Toronto

07/20/2012 12:13 am

Great. Thank you

Tanya Garg

08/10/2012 02:26 am

This will be a great inclusion . Now we can check what exactly we are doing :)


11/11/2012 11:26 pm

My current site is about 3 months old. I know the site has indexed backlinks because I have used some 3rd party tools to verify this is the case. 5 days ago I verified my site in GWT. How long does it take before Google provides a list of backlinks for the site?

Tomas Rawicky

11/25/2012 02:59 pm

How to disallow links from all .tk domains? domain:tk ?

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