Google's Knowledge Graph Seeks Answers From Parked Domains?

Apr 23, 2014 • 8:09 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Andrew Steel searched Google for the definition of [what is guest blogging] and the answer Google's Knowledge Graph returned was from a parked domain site named I kid you not.

I tested this myself and the result came up when in incognito mode:

Google Guest Blogging Defined

When you click through, you are taken to a parked domain page with ads and the option to buy the domain name.

Andrew posted this on Twitter and felt it was comical enough to share. The definition of guest blogging, right above the first Google result from Google's spam fighter, Matt Cutts, is a parked domain blog with content that doesn't even reflect the answer when you click through.

Is it a form of cloaking? User agent detection? Or just that the content was removed a while back and Google has not caught up?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Paddy Displays

04/23/2014 01:02 pm

looks like its been some sort of parked domain since January

Nagesh Shukla

04/23/2014 01:15 pm

DO Google have any thing to say for this?


04/23/2014 05:13 pm

Its just !@#$ing funny that organic results are displaced by scraped content and the #1 result is Matt Cutt's blog... no conflict of interest there... At least they will scrape content from pages they would otherwise refuse to rank... oh wait... how does that help anyone other than Google? I guess we know that definition spam is the way to go for parked domains.


04/23/2014 05:24 pm

And potentially more important is that they used 302 redirects to pull it off.

Mike Smith

04/23/2014 09:27 pm

reference "mattcutts payday loans" hah

Paddy Displays

04/24/2014 08:21 am

nice find

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