Why Does Google Exclude Jesus Christ From The Knowledge Graph

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Google Knowledge GraphA Google searcher named Steve posted in the Google Web Search Help forums asking why does Jesus Christ not get a knowledge graph result for the search terms [jesus] or [jesus christ] but other religious figures do?

Searches for Moses, Muhammad, Buddah and many other religious figures all have knowledge graph results. Why not Jesus?

Here are pictures:

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But Jesus is not worthy?

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Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Nick Ker

07/08/2014 12:43 pm

Maybe Jesus needs to use Google+ But seriously, Jesus or Jesus Christ are often used as expletives rather than describing the person. So maybe knowledge graph is thrown off by that and won't show JC as an entity.

Barry Schwartz

07/08/2014 12:45 pm

so are other religious figure names…

Stephane Brault

07/08/2014 01:58 pm

If JC spent more on Adwords, maybe he'd get is own knowledge graph...

just saying

07/08/2014 02:43 pm

Thank you for having the courage to point that out.

Peter Parker

07/08/2014 03:11 pm

First the crucifixion, now this? JC can't catch a break it seems.


07/08/2014 03:36 pm

You think "Muhammad" and "Moses" are used more in common conversation than "Jesus Christ"?

Zak Weinberg

07/08/2014 03:38 pm

Really? Can't remember the last time someone used Gautama Buddha as an expletive. Buddha, Barry! Get it together man!


07/08/2014 04:03 pm

I find it interesting that you used "Jesus Christ" and not "Jesus" when you used single words for the rest.

Yo Mamma

07/08/2014 04:55 pm

Common words "jesus christ" or "holy moses" or even "holy shit" Holy shit can be used interchangeably between Mohammad, Moses, Buddha, Jesus or any other holier than thou action figure

Yo Mamma

07/08/2014 05:04 pm

It also excludes SATAN, which is another holier than thou action figure attached to the Christian persuasion. Jesus and Satan were never mentioned in Torah, so kudus to Google for not mentioning them. I like Google more very day!


07/08/2014 05:32 pm

There is a knowledge graph for Jesus but you have to be using a blessed internet connection to see it. If you don't see it then you must be a guideline breaking web spammer.


07/08/2014 05:37 pm

Shiva You, Zak! Shiva You! Go Buddha yourself! Stick it up your Maven and Moses Off!

F1 Steve

07/09/2014 06:41 am

Speaking of holy figures, I wonder if St Durante (wmw editorial guy) will ever be included on the knowledge graph!?

Andrew Isidoro

07/09/2014 09:08 am

It's interesting if you look at the Freebase classifications that Jesus is the only one that has a common "Notable For" value. The others include known Knowledge Graph panel types such as Religious Leader and Military Commander. This might be something to consider...

Warren O'Donoghue

07/09/2014 11:28 am

St Peter gets a mention! ... JC gets nothing but Muhammad's picture is missing ;-)


07/09/2014 01:26 pm

Mohammed doesn't have a picture


07/09/2014 01:41 pm

has to be pc right?


07/09/2014 01:42 pm

wow, and i cant add an image here... for shame. south park took the lead. lol


07/09/2014 01:50 pm

Uh no, all Muslims wear the same so that doesn't mean he looks like that, he doesn't has a face, or he had one but it was years ago so they couldn't probably capture it


07/09/2014 03:00 pm

Those moments when the comments are more entertaining than the post :') not saying the post is bad, some of the comments are just gold

Yo Mamma

07/09/2014 06:22 pm

Muhammad started the Muslim faith, so originally he wasn't a Muslim. Same as the religion prior to Jesus were not Jews.

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