Google Keyword Tool Replaces Green Bar With High, Medium & Low Indicators

Oct 28, 2011 • 8:39 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

The Google Keyword Tool has replaced the green bar indicator displayed in the competition column of the results with a text label of either "High," "Medium," or "Low."

Visually, it will look different but technically, you are not losing much information. Plus, as Greg Finn notes at Search Engine Land you can still download the results, which shows the metric of competition based on a 0.0 scale to 1.0 scale in digits. So you can get very specific with the export file. Greg was able to determine the high, medium and low scales:

  • Low: Competitiveness number under .33
  • Medium: Competitiveness number between .33 and .66
  • High: Competitiveness number over .67

Here is a screen shot of the old green bar web version:

Old Competition Green Bar Keyword Tool

Here is how it looks for most people now, with just text:

New Competition Text Keyword Tool

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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Aashish Sahrawat

10/29/2011 09:19 am

Hello, If you search international sim card based on india following english language then you will find locally search 4400 showing high competition but for one of suggested keywords "international roaming sim card" we have 390 local searches yet g is showing high competition. What doest it means ? We have very less searches yet G is showing high. why so ???

Christa Watson

10/29/2011 01:51 pm

They also changed the info you get in an export file- mainly they took away visits by month and CPC suggestions.

SEO India

10/30/2011 02:00 am

It has been seen that the changes take place in Google keyword tool has remove its small green bars. Instead of using the traditional bars to provide competition data, Google started using text as the description. This tool used small green bars to display the competitiveness of keywords. Now the Google tool is only showing text based descriptions of competitiveness.

Seo Teknikleri

01/11/2012 01:13 am

Also when you hold your arrow on the competition lvl its gives a numeric value which i am not sure what it exactly stands for.

Stefan Lucian

05/07/2013 02:11 pm

Hi, I would like to know how the competition number calculated. For example "Low — Competitiveness in AdWords is under .33" . What does 0.14 mean and how did they work it out ? Is it in us dollars ? Is it from 100% ?

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