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Google AdWords Keyword ToolThere have been some criticism around the new Google Keyword Planner.

One such critique is that the old keyword tool had an option for "only show ideas closely related to my search terms." But keyword planner didn't seem to have that specific option.

Google's Courtney Pannell said they are going to be adding a feature for that in the keyword planner tool in the upcoming weeks. She said on Google AdWords Help, "the Keyword Planner team is working on a feature that let's you easily search for closely related ideas." Adding, "the feature should be available in the next few weeks."

Courtney also suggested a work around if you cannot wait a few weeks. The work around is to copy and paste your search terms using the "include" filter (in the "Include/Exclude" field on the left hand side) back into the tool.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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08/21/2013 02:10 pm

This redesign blows! BD


08/23/2013 11:19 pm

I really don't see anything wrong with the current keyword planner

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