2012 SEO Tips For Google Instant

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Google Instant SEOWe've talk about SEO tips for Google Instant in the past but things change and Google's autocompletions algorithm within Google Instant has changed over the past six months.

A WebmasterWorld thread is discussing new techniques that you may be able to use to "optimize" for the autocompletions within Google Instant - also known as Google Suggest.

One SEO claimed the algorithms has changed so much that he doesn't feel it is even worthwhile to try to go after Google Instant autocompletions anymore. He said:

I had a campaign last year that netted me $45,000 but recently Google changed its algo or manually edited the autocomplete for my sector. It's a neater subset. But I don't think I'll bother in the future. I assume the algo will have some special scrutiny for every major autocomplete phrase if it doesn't already.

If you can rank for the autocompletions, you can make a lot of money. So why is it hard to do so now?

Tedster said they have become much more localized and geotargetted.

Search suggestions are intensively geo-targeted, showing different choices in different geographies, sometimes even down to the zip code level! That's going to be difficult to take into account if it affects your chosen terms.

When a client of prospective client of his loses a nice chunk of traffic, one of the main things he looks at is not the SEO but if Google Instant changed the search suggestions for the query they lost traffic for. And they do often enough.

Have you noticed drastic changes to the suggestions/autocompletes in Google Instant?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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MandLoys Marketing

12/30/2011 01:53 pm

Yes indeed we noticed drastic changes. And I assume this is one of the exact reasons why more and more one-time-used (long tail) keywords drive traffic because even if the searcher doesn't know what exactly he's looking for, Google will help him out by offering lots of suggestions and an initial 2 words query can turn into an 8 words one easily... On the pro side it's good for most of the websites because they have a chance to receive traffic from Google. Until this only the top10 results received traffic and if you search for a 'dentist' then top10 out of a few million in the US is not nearly enough nor relevant. Again, time to go local ;)

George C. Creal, Jr.

12/30/2011 06:02 pm

While this maybe a great improvement for your local pub its not so good for the upscale restaurant that draws not just from a zip code but from a metro area or even a region.  As for me, the geo-targeting has been a big pain as I am a DUI lawyer and serve half of the state.  Going local for Attorneys does not always equal quality.  Many zipcode level attorneys may not have alot of DUI specific talent but are generally more general practitioners with less DUI specific knowledge although they are happy to take whatever fee walks in the door.  They also have no clue why there phone has started ringing since they don't get alot of previous client referrals.  Hopefully, #mattcutts or google search team will notice and make micro adjustments for certain sub-markets or key words. 

MandLoys Marketing

12/30/2011 10:23 pm

George, did you lose traffic for one keyword or several keywords? I saw that you rank first page for several high volume keywords, this is why I don't get what you wrote?

Mohamed Tair

01/01/2012 06:51 am

Really Interesting post ;) Thanks ^^

Facebook Covers

01/01/2012 05:57 pm

When will new algo occurs in 2012 mates ?


01/02/2012 05:18 am

SEO have been up in arms over the integration of personalized search features, which adjust the standard SERPs to reflect the viewer’s personal interests and connections. 

Tahoe SEO

01/02/2012 07:10 am

Well this algorithm of Google  auto completions has changed lots of SEO strategies. Because now the people are searching Google via Google Suggestion directly, so it makes that suggested keyword more searchable and competitive. This makes keyword more popular. Google will definitely modify its algorithm for Google Instant Search in this year too. Hope for best.   

Business Mind

01/02/2012 05:30 pm

I thinks my traffic doesn't change at all with the new algorithm Google is implementing today. Most people use search engine and enter the keyword they desire with minding what Google suggest.

Jonny Ross

01/04/2012 12:02 am

I'm not so sure myself... Could this not be a coincidence? Does google have the time to manually adjust auto completes?

Tahoe SEO

01/04/2012 12:31 pm

Jonny you have same doubt as I had before. Now I found some positive solution of this query so  I am sharing that here so that you and more people can get idea about this. What I found is that Google has algorithm which will extract most popular and trend keywords and put them into the Google Instant search database by which if any user start to type in search box Google suggest them keywords which are being used nowadays. Hope this will help you. 

Herman Nz

01/16/2014 12:44 pm

There must have impacts when to decide something, it influences seo strategies, is there relation to HTML and CSS validator? one revolution must change to improve betterment but try to decide something good for mostly people who learns SEO till now.

Herman Nz

01/16/2014 12:46 pm

what Google has done with "his" betterment now should not be in confusing for SEo-ners .. Oops!

Herman Nz

01/16/2014 12:47 pm

In one case it looks no changes in traffic ... but I'm sure there's one or more changes since it is update search engine, right?

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