Google's Ingress Coming To iOS?

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Ingress LogoThere is some speculation that the incredibly addictive and obsessive Ingress app for Android, designed by Google years ago, is coming to iOS.

Brandon Badger from Google, the Niantic Labs at Google, who came up with the Ingress game said in a Google+ post that he is working on a secret project.

He posted a picture of a new iPhone 5 and wrote, "This thing sucks compared to my Android phone, but I need to play around with it for a secret project."

So of course, the assumption is, he is bringing Ingress to iOS, which would be nice.

Here is the post:

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Andy G

02/10/2014 02:02 am

That's an iPhone 5s.


02/19/2014 12:23 am

No. It's apparently something that sucks.

AJ Webb

02/26/2014 08:09 pm

Is it just speculation? According to AllThingsD, "Ingress product manager Brandon Badger confirmed the iOS plans in an interview" check it out


03/30/2014 08:15 pm

Well to be honest - I used to have 4 Adroid Phones (Galaxy Y, HTC Sensation S2 and S3) They since a year a IPhone 4s and compared to that Adroid is not even a rival....It's running stable and I've never had any other issues with it ! The only Problem I have, is that Google need roughly 2 years to write an ingress ios app....oh wait...ingrios...ohh google....but you probably get paid for saying: Apple suxx ;)


04/02/2014 10:48 am

no its not, it's a 5c hence the colour!!

Andy G

04/02/2014 02:34 pm

No, it's an iPhone 5s in Apple's official iPhone case. The iPhone 5c doesn't have TouchID, which the phone pictured above has.


04/15/2014 04:23 pm

This guy is right. Sapphire home button = 5s ftw.


04/16/2014 09:20 pm

It's a 5s you dumbass. Look at the home button.

Mitch Helle

04/20/2014 03:59 pm

8 Android phones later..... I love my iPhone 5. Too many issues with fragmentation, lack of support, viruses, etc, etc, etc. Good luck bring Ingress to iOS.


05/30/2014 04:21 pm

I laughed. Fragmentation - Name an issue you personally have had. This issue effects very few people and is more a talking point than anything else. Yes, fragmentation is a thing...but 99% of the users don't care about it because it doesn't really effect them. Lack of Support - Have you heard of the internet? Blogs, discussion forums, Google searches, etc. You can get great (better) support for ANYTHING online. Anything. And if it's a hardware issue, take your phone to your provider's local store. Simple. Saying there is lack of support just means you are lazy...or stupid. Viruses - What are you downloading? If you get a virus on your Android phone, it's more than likely your own fault for downloading from shady places. I have never known anyone to have a virus issue on an Android phone. Ever. Etc., etc. - That means you have nothing else. I'm guessing you have had none of these issues and are just regurgitating talking points you here others talk about. Look, unless you are buying low end Android phones, you are simply off base. The high end Android phones are far superior to the iPhone. It's not even close. They simply do more things, they outperform iOS, you can customize them until the cows come home, the screens are bigger & better and with the variety of Android phones to choose from, you can pretty much get exactly what you want in a phone...even a slide out keyboard. If you make a list of pros and cons for Android vs. iOS, the pros list would be 5 times as long as the Cons list. Unless you are already fully entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, then there are few reasons to choose an iPhone over a high end Android phone. Most folks who get an iPhone do so either because their friends have one, or they just don't want to do the research and they think they are getting the best phone out there (marketing hype) when that just isn't the case at all...and for THOSE folks, honestly, an iPhone is probably the right phone for them as it is an elementary level phone. It's overly simple, to a fault. Android has too many features and can do too much may confuse the simple minded. So instead of having a cool "can do anything" Android phone, you get an overly simple kindergarten level iPhone with a boring grid of icons...that has always been a grid of boring icons and seemingly will always be that same boring grid of icons. Anyone who does serious & honest research before buying a phone will find the same thing.


06/22/2014 05:30 am

Android phones are a _poor_ substitute for an iPhone & iOS.

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