Google Image Search Ranking/Indexing Update?

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Google Image Search UpdateThere are some early reports at WebmasterWorld of ranking changes and indexing changes within Google Image search.

The reports say that around November 15th and 16th some webmasters noticed a change in search traffic via Google Image search.

One webmaster said:

My image traffic has taken a bit of a dip since nov 16th(late 15th) and while trying to find a possible cause there doesn't seem to be one in my rankings/average positions of images etc.

This webmaster blames the new top navigation whereas another webmaster blames Google's indexing of images. He wrote:

One of my sites has had most of it's positions in google image traffic hijacked by different blogspots. My images are there, only credited to obscure blogs.

The last time we saw reports of a Google Image update was on October 1st.

Image updates are hard to spot since many webmaster do not track the results and traffic from image search.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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11/21/2012 03:28 pm

Your graphic on this one almost sent me into a coma.

Barry Schwartz

11/21/2012 03:29 pm



11/21/2012 03:44 pm


Vanessa Fox

11/21/2012 05:30 pm

The 16th is the date that people were noticing web changes too, so this may be an index-wide change.


11/22/2012 09:28 am

It is a bit mental. If I look at it my eyes try and focus but obviously can't.

The Best SEO on the WWW

11/22/2012 09:58 am

fck me too reading this at 4am... wow, eyes are hurting, but at the same time hilarious. well played


11/22/2012 07:32 pm

My site was badly affected (40% drop in traffic) and I have no images on my site other than one image of the site's logo throughout the site. None of my traffic comes from Google images but my rankings in Google's search index were drastically affected as of the 16th/17th.


11/22/2012 11:56 pm

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Tiến Híp

11/23/2012 07:16 am

So what factors are important to ranking images after G update?

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11/25/2012 12:23 pm

Thanks very much for the update - I have not seen any changes on my site other than what would be expected for this time of year.


11/27/2012 12:32 pm

I have noticed domain crowding getting back with this update. It is bit shame that G has rolled it back! Check out for key brands like McDonald's pizza hit etc and you can see single domains ranking one after other! So polluted and can't find much distinct authoritive sources! Big G please fix! Check this link please :-,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.


12/29/2012 02:23 am

There is any way to filter traffic stats from Google Images without editing the Analytics code on page?

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