Google Working On Fix For Image Search Bugs

Mar 20, 2012 • 8:47 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google ImagesSome users have been reporting bugs with Google search, specifically with Google Image search.

A Google Web Search Help thread has several complaints all from the images not being displayed to the image search filter options not working.

One user said, "Google searches are limited to only a few items now. Three rows of 6 photos to be exact. AND...the icons at the top right (safe search and options) do not work either. They are no longer clickable."

I've seen sporadic reports from many users over the past month with similar complaints.

Google representative Albert Choi said, "Thanks for reporting this issue! We noticed this a little bit ago and have been working on a fix that should come out soon. I'll update this thread again when it has rolled out to everybody."

Certainly hope so although I have never seen these issues myself.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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05/04/2012 11:26 pm

Google search is not working. I type something, click search and nothing happens.  I can access google search from explorer but not from google chrome.


05/07/2012 08:55 pm

The google search button doesn work on "Google Search" but will work on "I'M Feeling Lucky.  What is the fix for that? '


05/13/2012 06:29 pm

Google is rapidly breaking down in every possible way. They are fast becoming the most evil organization of all.


06/18/2012 01:28 pm

I wonder if this is the reason why the hits on my photo blog have plummeted in the last one and a half weeks. This post is old, but I cannot find any other explanation. There is no reason for Google to penalise me as I don't do seo or whatever that is, and all my posts are original and great photos and I post regularly.

Shawn Nolan Jr.

10/03/2012 07:56 pm

I'm seeing an extra overlay and a crazy z-index number when "Search By Image( by Google)" extension is enabled while using the jquery-ui plugins. When it's disabled, it's gone... Anyone else getting this issue?


12/31/2012 08:31 pm

Google image search isnt popping up a camra on my iPad

Kaylie Kinsey

03/11/2013 03:50 am

I cant seem to link to the pictures like I used to...I rely on google images to find exactly what I'm looking for...I click on the image and the link to the website doesn't work...very frustrating

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