Google: It's Hard To Recognize Your Large Photos Because Of Your JavaScript Links

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Google ImagesA webmaster is upset that his images aren't being indexed from his site. He posted a complaint in the Google Webmaster Help forums, in which we learn two things:

(1) This webmaster was blocking Google from indexing those images with robots.txt file. This actually happens way too often.

(2) Sometimes using JavaScript for the "View Larger Image" link can make it hard for Google to index those images. Google does a pretty good job with JavaScript, but why not make it easier. Google's John Mueller said, "It seems that we're not picking up that these URLs are actually not pages but rather images -- and images without a landing page on top of that. One way to let us know about the actual connection is to use a direct link to the image (using target=_blank is fine, if you want to open them up in a new window/tab."

So if you want your images indexed, first make sure you allow Google to index them and then make sure the crawlers can process the links to them.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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12/30/2013 01:26 pm

A simple View large image Should do the job, I think... The way he links is images is really old fashioned and really not SEO friendly.


12/30/2013 01:27 pm

A simple <a href="link_to_image">View large image</a> Should do the job, I think... The way he links is images is really old fashioned and really not SEO friendly.

Alexander Hemedinger

12/30/2013 02:18 pm

This is why you also don't use templates. Sometimes they could be set up that way. Just a heads up...


12/30/2013 04:43 pm

bugs in algorithms? :)

Design A

12/30/2013 10:41 pm

I make it a regular habit to include images into our sitemap.xml file. Because really,why not? It works. Try it!


12/31/2013 01:27 am

People are still getting significant Google traffic from images? I would think the poster would be happy his images are not being indexed by Google. From what I see, image traffic from Google is down the tubes and what is left are image rippers.

Kalman Labovitz

12/31/2013 05:20 pm

Tested that and it does not always work.

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