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Google Hot Searches Email SubscriptionsGoogle announced you can how subscribe to Hot Searches for any country or the top US charts via email.

This way, you can be notified of the hot trends almost immediately via email without having to go to the Hot Searches section on Google.

Google's Jake Hubert wrote on Google+ that he has been playing with it for a few weeks and loves it. He wrote:

New feature in Google Trends enables you to subscribe to get email updates about searches for any topic. I've been testing this out for a few weeks now and really enjoying it. I particularly have been enjoying this as a way to stay up-to-date with the mega-important news in another country. For example, my mother and stepfather live in Canada so I subscribed to get the "Hottest" Canadian Hot Searches in my inbox. It's been really nice to know about just a couple tidbits of the top trending Canadian happenings ... Congrats to the team on the new feature!

So before you travel to the Ukraine, maybe you should use this feature to know when is a good or bad time to get on that flight?

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04/21/2014 05:50 pm

thanks for that feature. it will help us to get useless google search results for every country.


04/21/2014 07:53 pm

Are you thinking what everybody else is thinking! Use your email publishing address for blogger and you have an end to end Google AUTO BLOG!


04/22/2014 05:39 pm

I thought email was "dead" :-)....They should have added this feature to the Google+ news feeds. IMHO.

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