Google's Pro Gay TV Commercial Sparks Online Hate Debate

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Google Gay PrideGoogle has been known to be very proud to support homosexual causes, they have been doing so for years. You'd think most people who would use Google would know this but actually many don't.

It took a Google Chrome TV commercial named It Gets Better to teach some long term Google search users that Google is very supportive. But it also lead many of those who are against it to leave Google as a search engine.

Here is the commercial:

Forget about the comments in the video page on YouTube, but overall most people 'liked' the video with 11,000 plus likes and under 1,000 dislikes.

There are at least three threads at Google Web Search Help with some really strong words against Google and the commercial.

One person said:

I was completely and utterly disgusted to see your new pro-gay commercial. Gays aren't the only ones who commit suicide, you know.

In one thread, a Google responded to some criticism suggesting:

I welcome you to share your thoughts on that video directly by visiting the URL that rustybrick posted. You'll find a lively discussion there.

In 2008, Google colorized the Google sidebar with gay colors to show support. Plus, you can find Google support at many Gay Pride parades.

I am sure Google simply does not care to lose any number of users over this topic. In fact, it is part of their IPO filing where they are willing to not maximize revenue to support greater causes.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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05/18/2011 12:58 pm

I am *ALL* for everyone, straight, gay, bi, whatever having a wonderful life, but how does that equate to Google or Chrome?  You have to note that this isn't just a pro-gay message but it included at least one personality who received gender changing modification, which is fine also, but another element among many in there.  The gay friendly cartoon character intersperse is a tad ummm odd for a human issue, quit making matters cartoonish folks. Why associate a Pixar kids character with such a cause? The consensus use to be that Apple users were leaning to the sexually left side of the spectrum, the creative liberal factor. This ad *really* seems like Google trying to attach itself to the more liberal left Apple buying audience via their affinity for liberal causes.  Actually, I am certain that is what these ads are intending. Google is getting very strange with it's behavior and attempting to influence government and society.    Sergey Brin has been the very defensive den mother for gay causes at Google.   If Google wants to slather social agendas into advertising then by all means, tell Brin to come out of his closet.   That would be a power stroke move people would talk about for decades and I for one would be proud of him.


05/18/2011 01:54 pm

Why do you equate civil rights with "left leaning" or "liberal"? Why do you assume that Sergey Brin is gay merely because he supports gay civil rights? Your post is full of rather naive assumptions about people and politics that ultimately leave me wondering what the point of your post is. 


05/18/2011 07:08 pm

 Hi. I'm straight.  I can't remember the last time I went a whole day without pain that resulted from a vicious homnphobic attack - 21 years ago. We "norms" sometimes understand that our world is better off without that kind of hate in it, even if the hate doesn't focus directly on us. Whether it's gays, clergy or businessmen, we could use a lot less blind contempt for each other.

Ian Williams

05/19/2011 09:56 am

If the rankings are to be  increasingly influenced by user behaviour, then I'm more than happy for simplistic clowns to go elsewhere.


05/19/2011 03:00 pm

I never used the term civil rights.  Is Google advocating civil rights? Maybe.  Seems more like promoting an affinity towards their products aimed at the creative class (Apple devotees I bet nearly solely, as historically has been true). As a corporation, Google has have given "special insurance coverage" as describe, because unmarried gay partners can't be legally insured under same coverage as married partners.   They opted not to extend coverage to unmarried domestic partners because Brin said that heterosexual partners can get married and covered. Maybe some straight couples don't commit to the marriage concept and it's undertones. Why not extend said coverage?  Doesn't the California and most other states recognize common law marriage, which is in fact not a church or government ordained marriage.  Does Google cover that group of people as married or unmarried? All people have inherent rights and that's part of a civilized society.   Those aren't special or given to someone because of anything other than inheritance of being born human.  We shouldn't have folks fighting to be treated fairly or without threats of harassment.   It's an intentionally tough ad from Google.   To some degree, I really sincerely feel Google is exploiting this group of people and their hardships for corporate gain.  Chrome has ZIPPO to do with this unfortunately politicized issue.   People could use any company's software or services to create a viral or social campaign. "Sergey Brin is gay merely because he supports gay civil rights?" No, but Sergey is really hands on with this. So much that he has Google, a publicly traded company walking this very unrelated line amongst many others.   There is a time and a place for doing things like this and I don't believe it's during an advertising blitz for Google's products.  Google can sponsor such causes, donate money and time, be seen with others supporting such causes, but an ad like this?   My point about Brin is the world will be a better place if people quit hiding and are themselves. An assumption there?  No, just an invitation to lead by example.  If the shoes fit, I probably have some pumps that fit.  Hey, and if the shoes don't fit Brin can personalize the entire story (maybe it's a friend, family member or someone he knew that suffered under discrimination).  That would be a great thing also, just as long as he doesn't do it in the form of a commerical for another Google product that has little to no relationship.

Queer beater

05/23/2011 01:48 am

google is  going to the deepest hottest parts of hell


05/24/2011 01:14 am

You tell'em they ain't nothing but a bunch of cum drinking bastard children anyhow

Queer beater

05/24/2011 04:48 am

because if you support a queer then you are a queer.


06/02/2011 11:09 pm

I do not use google anymore - nor does my husband.  I was completely disturbed by this commercial.  I don't want my children watching television and seeing this - it's ok to be gay ad.   I just don't understand why many tv shows have gay and lesbian couples and now commercials -


06/05/2011 04:44 pm

Lol, butthurt hick.


06/05/2011 04:46 pm

Uhh, it's about how gay people are committing suicide, and this ad is full of people saying that they don't have to kill themselves; it gets better, and they are not alone.  But great job being so shallow and being one of the people who makes others feel alienated to the point of no return.

Matt Leebody

06/06/2011 10:15 am

Your nickname - Queer beater... if you actually do that, it is assault, and you've published it all over the internet. It's exactly like if your nickname had been wife beater. Would you find that ok?


06/11/2011 05:13 am

Peace out google your a company you shouldn't take stands like this. Hmm bing or yahoo what to use now.


06/24/2011 03:14 am

Homosexuality is a sin. It should not be supported by anyone especially the media. I will never support google again. Get saved and read your bibles. God Bless, klt


06/24/2011 04:04 pm

It's a sad day when you see people saying that a company can't take a stand for what they believe in. Pathetic.


06/25/2011 05:06 am

I am very careful to not use the word gay when I am talking about homosexual guys. Gay means happy and homosexuality is not a happy lifestyle. Liberals made the word gay to describe homosexuals back in the mid 1960's to make homosexuality more palatable. And then of course, woodstock, or should I say one big orgy. That is all it was. Along with the drugs also. And do you know where the people who were at woodstock are today? They are in congress and the white house. God Bless, klt


06/25/2011 01:32 pm

thats just gay.


06/25/2011 01:33 pm

gays do that to themselves...they alienate themselves by doing things that are unnatural.  When the parts don't fit they shouldn't go there!


06/25/2011 01:37 pm

The problem with our society is there are too many p*ssies...when someone can't say something mean without johnny committing suicide thats when our society has problems...people have no spines because they baby there children and do not discipline so if someone says something negative all h3ll breaks, I just want to say grow a spine!


06/25/2011 01:38 pm

Or you are a liberal whacko that reads at an 8th grade level and puppets anything his union thugs tell him.

speaker of truth

02/22/2012 12:10 am



03/26/2012 05:25 pm

Reading the comments below I would say you are all wrong I am not saying that I am homosexuality but if they want to be like that let them it is there choose so let them do it and also good job google that is really cool how you supporting this and I will be using you even more now. It is wrong to make people like this feel so bad to where they rather not live at all and they kill them self it is wrong and I say it needs to be stopped also to the homosexuality population don't take your own life because people are making you feel bad it is there fault that they are saying all kinds of mean things you are your own person don't mind what people say and remember IT WILL GET BETTER   


05/12/2012 06:28 am

I really don’t understand why everyone is so angry? Why people are calling each other names and throwing around so much hatred. I watched the video and expected to read uplifting comments about hope and how an entire community can band together and make a difference. Well let’s start with me. I want to make a difference. For the heterosexual people that don’t completely get the subject matter of the video - I agree with you, you should change your internet search engine, as many of you said you would. Google has wronged you and your patronage will be sorely missed. For the people who feel that this is an attempt to capitalize on emotions and for “money-grubbing” Google to get their cut of profits - I agree with you, I ask that you join me and contact your local news station to ensure that there are no commercial breaks whenever a child gets lost in the woods or a double homicide occurs in the apartment complex down the road. Together we can fight advertising. For those who feel that homosexuality is a choice - I agree with you but I do ask when did you choose to be with the person that you might be with? Did you pick them out of a line up? Was it love at first sight? How long did you choose to be single before finding “the one”? You can choose the person that you are with - not who or what you are attracted to (including gender). For those who feel like their children shouldn’t be exposed to this - I agree with you and instead talk to your children or better yet listen to your children, maybe if the parents of the suicide victims had, a video like this would have never been made. Take action! Save your own child’s life. To my religious friends that swear by the Bible - I agree with you but the Bible is a work of fiction and not a way to settle a (especially an online) “debate”. Prisons are filled with people that have committed crimes of man and of God. Please inform me of the days and times of your prayer circles and let’s first get these people back on the path to righteousness. Or better yet we can go liberate women in the Middle East who are treated poorly; all based on their beliefs. Don’t you want to get involved? For the homosexual people that are annoyed and frustrated - I agree with you however the message is already out there, don’t respond to negativity, report it. Take the video to heart; it will get better. Fire mixed with fire only burns to the point of consumption. Don’t let it consume you; step back and move on. And finally to those who verbally abuse over the internet - I’m not quite sure what makes you so belligerent. Are you upset because others (in this case homosexuals) are happy or attempting to be happy? Anonymous postings and screen names give us the chance to be empowered; but who is on the other side of your comments? It could be anyone really: the neighbor kid that rides her bike down your street every day, Mr. Jacobson your biology professor, your mailman who you make a Christmas card for every year, even your best friend who is looking for the confidence to tell the world in person. Do you pull away from your computer screen saying “Job well done. I’ve stopped another one today.”? What if it were you on the other end? Is that what makes you angry? Do you fear a world where homosexuals like myself are treated like everyone else and we band together and oppress all heterosexuals? That’s the spirit; get them before they get you.I think it’s remarkable that, this 1:31 video has affected so many people, touched so many lives and stirred so many emotions. Because like or dislike, it did its job. It got through to you. And the magic of it is - it’s not going anywhere.

Katie P.

05/17/2012 07:49 pm

Matt... Hate to be the one to tell you this bud, but unless you were one of those 'coke-babies' born without an anus or your basic anatomy is just entirely effed up (were you the inspiration for that South Park episode where they learned to poop from their mouths?!) um, the parts DO fit! Get me a strap-on, then bend over & spread your arse and I'll show you how much you really do like things "going there".


06/24/2012 10:34 pm

the bible also says to love everyone. i dont know what bible your reading but my church and the ten commandments tell me to love thy neighbor. now whos really sinning?


07/13/2012 09:39 pm

Maybe Bing will release a anti-Gay or pro-straight commercial haha... To be fair its a great search engine.


07/13/2012 09:40 pm

Oh, I and I completely support the message of the commercial.


11/06/2012 01:37 am

Like the pastor said: Kill the gays, kill them all. Support Uganda and his heroic anti-gay law. ¿You wanna know from where the hate comes? the gays provoke that hate saying: "be gay is cool and ok". Well, IT IS NOT. It's a mental disorder. Leave away the "is a sin and unnatural" shit, IT'S A MENTAL DISEASE. In 1974 the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders left out the gay disease because many fagots (rich and powerful fagots) start financing demonstrations and do politics with money to buy an opinion that they where "normal" and not sick. That freaking gay mafia of richs will do anything to convince the world (and themself) that they are normal. Well, THEY ARE NOT. They are in the theater, in the news, in the media, in the movies, in politics, in finances, in big companies like Google, they are attacking agressively science and psychiatry inventing insanity therories like the gay gen and brain diferences between normal persons and sick gays. Nobody hate people with schizophrenia or bipolars, nobody hate depresive or neurotic people, why? because they don't try to convince the whole world they are normal and that the nature, science, psychiatry and the whole freaking world is wrong. Instead of investigate a way to prevent gay sickness on children and to find a way to control it at the first symptoms NO, they try to confuse the little ones and try to adopt kids and ALL THEY DO IS TO TRY TO CONVINCE THEMSELF THEY ARE NORMAL. Well, THEY ARE NOT. Sick fucks.


02/16/2013 04:19 am

He loves you enough to tell you that homosexuality is a sin and that you need to repent and get saved if you want to escape hell and spend eternity in Heaven. Think about it.....your church won't even tell you who loves you?

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