Where Is The Kwanzaa In Google's Happy Holidays Logo

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Today, the third-day in a row, Google has a happy holidays logo, this one is more wintery and snowy, with a winter cabin look. But today is not Christmas, it is the day after Christmas. Why not go colorful and go Kwanzaa, since today is Kwanzaa?

Here is the Google Happy Holidays logo on day three:

Google's Happy Holidays - Christmas 2013

Here was day two:

Google's Happy Holidays - Christmas 2013

Here was day one:

Google's Happy Holidays - Christmas 2013

Of course, if you search for Kwanzaa in Google, you will get this special theme:

click for full size

So there is the third Google Happy Holidays logo. There doesn't look like there will be a fourth one in the series.

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Alexander Hemedinger

12/26/2013 02:55 pm

Where was Happy Festivus day?

Durant Imboden

12/26/2013 04:40 pm

I think Google has the right idea: focus on the universal, not on sucking up to sectarians.

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