Google Apps Unofficial Support For Google Glass

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Google Glass AppsOne of the biggest complaints about Google Glass is that it does not work with Google Apps accounts. Well, one of the biggest complaints from Google Apps users is that nothing new from Google works with Google Apps. Heck, remember when Google+ came out, Google Apps users had to wait forever to participate.

That being said, Google is now, unofficially, supporting Google Apps users with Google Glass.

David Carr, a Glass user, was the first to notice and posted on Google+.

How do you switch your Glass to use Google Apps? Simple, factory reset the thing. Go to my Glass and factory reset your Glass device then visited from my Google Apps account and set up Glass normally. Several Glass users have confirmed it works.

I should note, Sarah Price from Google said this is being tested and may have bugs. She wrote:

This isn't actually supported yet, but we are testing it and working on it. Just wanted to let you know in case you see anything break or disappear.

So be careful!

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08/29/2013 09:06 pm

no ways i will buy or use google glasses. PRISM right in your home, near your brain.


09/01/2013 03:53 am

A lot of people are trilled by new things and will be glad to go for them, simply out of curious and the fun of having such things. Google glass is one of those things I still cannot make sense why someone would buy it. Of what use is it? What function does it provided for the users that other digital devices does not already provide?

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