Google "Regularly Reviews" Search Feedback Form

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google give us feedbackAt the bottom of the Google search results page is a link that reads, "Give us feedback." That link takes you to a form asking you to give Google feedback on the search you just experienced.

The question to many is what happens to that feedback? Does it go into a trash can? Does it get read? Does Google respond?

Google's John Mueller said in a Google Webmaster Help thread that the data from that form gets "regularly reviewed" by Googlers to ensure Google's "algorithms are doing the right thing."

I don't think Google would respond to 99% of them, but Google does say they review them all.

John said:

If you see search results that you don't find that great, I'd recommend using the "feedback" link in the footer of the search results. This data is regularly reviewed to make sure that our algorithms are doing the right thing.

And you thought they all went into some bucket that never got reviewed and was deleted daily.

It seems that Google is more responsive on reconsideration requests than this but still, Google does read these.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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10/26/2012 01:14 pm

I've reported several spammy or broken links within the "Feedback" option and usually the problems are fixed within a few weeks.


10/26/2012 01:23 pm

I once submitted this form. Was really angry about the SERP Google provided on my query ) The query was so simple and the SERP was so useless ... But I didn't expect response. Mostly like a scream "Hey people, what the F are you doing ?" ))


10/29/2012 05:08 am

youtube clips under blowjob query, all adult queries now displaying youtube. what the shit, google?!


10/29/2012 09:04 am

I thought like there is no meaning by using feedback form from search results page. But any way its a nice idea.

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