Google Donates $20 Million To Charities For 2010 Holidays

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Like last year, Google has just sent out their thank you e-cards saying they have donated $20 million to "charitable organizations around the world. They in turn will help improve the lives of over 50 million people."

They thank us for "being a part of what Google is today." And then credit us by saying, "all this is possible because of you." Ending the email with a "Have a wonderful holiday."

The email has a link to which demonstrates the charities Google donated to and how it has helped the world.

The charities include, ASHOKA, Bharti Foundation, Connecting Up, Global Strategies for HIV Prevention, LASA, NatureBridge, NPTech, NTEN and UNICEF.

Here is the video Google sent out to users, followed by pictures of the email and the video landing page.


Google 2010 Holidays $20 Million

Landing Page:

Google 2010 Holidays $20 Million

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12/28/2010 02:08 pm

I would rather see Google pay their taxes just like regular companies/persons. Recently my 4-year-old relative in Ireland died because the hospital didn't have the basic equipment - because the companies like Google evade their taxes and contribute nothing to the society they take advantage of. Thanks for killing little kids Google! We are not amused by this superficial charity donation.


12/29/2010 10:11 am

@Journalist-QQ Agree, I also would like google to pay tax in my country. Right now they're located in Ireland and paying their tax there just because it's cheaper.


01/15/2011 05:41 am

That's like a millionaire donating 2 cents.

Cassie Lopez

03/30/2011 12:55 am

That's great! I'm quite late for this but I was amaze by the generosity of google to donate such huge amount. Anyways, it's a nice gesture to donate so two thumbs up for them but hopefully they'll continue that kind of deed as they can help millions of people. Cassie Lopez Donate A Car Wheels For Wishes

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