Google Docs Gets Voice Dictation

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Google Docs Gets Voice DictationGoogle is adding voice dictation and voice typing to Google Docs.

A post by Marques Brownlee on Google+ shows screen shots of him seeing the voice button within the Google Docs menu. He said, "you saw it here first - Google Docs is getting Voice typing."

I am surprised it took so long.

Voice search, Okay Google on mobile and desktop devices, Google Glass and so much more supports voice with Google. Truth is, it is pretty good. So why hasn't Google Docs added it sooner? I am not sure.

But it seems like Google Docs is now rolling out voice tying via Google Voice to all Google Docs users soon.

What languages will it support off the bat? Good question.

There is no official announcement from Google on this yet.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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Jeff Kang

03/04/2014 05:53 am

Dragon may still be dominant, but I see Google dictation recognition recognize some of the most obscure terms that I try to throw at it. I suppose that free speech recognition on the leading search engine, and without needing a powerful local processor = more users to submit their voice samples, and correction data. I’ve read that spellcheck corrections are something that Google considers to be a competitive advantage, so I’m sure they value, and want to advance speech recognition.

Donna D. Fontenot

03/04/2014 02:32 pm

This would make Docs a more compelling product for me. At the moment, it's never a first choice for new document creation for me. But dictation might change that.


04/09/2014 11:43 pm

Dragon is terrible, slow and i cant stand using it.

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