Poll: Privacy Policy Change: Maybe Google Now Shares Data For Search Rankings?

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sharing informationA locked WebmasterWorld thread asks a question that has been asked hundreds, if not thousands, of times by webmasters and others before. Does Google share information, or link information, from other Google departments such as AdWords, Analytics and so on to search rankings?

Google has said numerous times they do not. Search rankings at Google are completely unbiased, not influenced by metrics obtained via AdWords and such. Honestly, I believe them - but many don't, which is why I am posting this thread. I want you to tell me what you do or do not believe.

But now with new Google privacy policy live, which technically lets them share data between all their properties to improve user experience, technically, it is more legally and ethically acceptable for Google to do this.

So what do you think? Do you think Google search uses data from other Google properties (not Google+ and things we know directly impact rankings) that they said they would not use, to influence rankings?

Please have your friends take the poll.

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03/09/2012 08:30 pm

Poor brainwashed Barry, You think that Amit Singhal doesn't know which algo results in more revenue for Google and which doesn't? Favoring brands is not good for Google's advertising business? No algorithm goes live without increasing Google's ad clicks since that is 97% of their revenue. That's why no one with an IQ of 71+ trusts Matt Cutts or Google. The more we learn about the more we find that they have no ethics and no limits to their depravity.  They just are, or were, masterful liars and thieves.

Pippa Callanan

03/12/2012 04:43 pm

Whoa there!  Those are some fightin' words! Could you point me to a study that supports the claim that "No algorithm goes live without increasing Google's ad clicks". I would be interested in reading what you're referencing.


03/13/2012 11:13 am

Check their forms filed with the SEC and the updates

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