Google Definitions Adds Synonyms, Sample Uses, Origin & More

Aug 23, 2013 • 8:02 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google has pushed out a major upgrade to their definitions user interface, adding an expandable box with synonyms, ways to use the word in sentences, the origins of the word, translation, use over time and more.

Google announced this on Google+ and here is a screen capture:

click for full size

Note, when you try to translate the word, future definition searches will consistently provide a translation to that same language.

It is a shame they stopped linking to the major dictionary sites still.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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08/23/2013 12:17 pm

They still link to the major dictionary sites, but they now hide them under the fold when you expand the box. Is it functional? Yea, it's fantastically useful. Is it an obvious attempt to keep users on their property for yet another set of query types? Yes, it certainly is. Adding the graph of usage at the bottom of the expanded area just screams "we needed something to push this out of view for average screen size so here is a useless chart nobody will ever really care about!" Taking its functionality and its attempt to keep users on Google for more and more 'everyday searches' together: I'm not a fan of this move.


08/23/2013 03:23 pm

I like this upgraded information! Now I can learn latin and word derivation.

Michael Merritt

08/23/2013 08:08 pm

I find the usage graph fascinating, but I am a bit of a geek like that. I'm sure some other site that deals with etymology does it, but none of the big dictionary sites do, as far as I know, though they do often provide when the word evolved from an earlier version of a language or transferred from another language. Google has just added a standout feature to the dictionary query.

Michael Merritt

08/23/2013 08:16 pm

FYI, I saw on the Google+ comments and have confirmed that at least some definitions are being sourced from the Oxford dictionary. Does Google have a license to use this database?

jitendra vaswani

08/24/2013 06:01 am

I like this upgrade , cheers !!!!


08/25/2013 03:06 am

That is a good upgrade

Daniel Young

08/26/2013 04:37 am

this is good.... google is updating it Home Page for all new features.... i wonder if this update comes under Google Universal Search.... any1 please help me in this regard

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