Google Launches A Google+ Dashboard For Managing Business Pages

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Google+ Local IconGoogle announced yesterday on Google+ a new Google+ Dashboard for businesses that manage their Google+ local page on Google+.

Jade Wang also posted about it in the Google Business Help forum explaining:

It will give business owners using Google+ to manage local pages one place to easily manage the pages, share, and access other tools like AdWords Express and Offers. Local Google+ page managers will also have access to improved page insights.

Google+ users, find the new dashboard simply by logging into and switching to the page you’re managing.

Does this work for everyone? Not really. Those who have not migrated should stay away from here. Jade explained:

Please note -- if you are using Google Places for Business, please continue to do so. New users who are interested in appearing on Google Maps should also start at This announcement only affects business owners who are already using Google+ to manage pages.

Here are some screen shots:

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New features include:

1) The ability to update your info (like website URLs, store hours and phone numbers) across Maps, Search and Google+ - all from the Overview tab.

2) One place to monitor your Google+ notifications, assign page managers, share photos and videos - even start a Hangout with followers.

3) At-a-glance access to their AdWords Express and Offers campaigns.

4) Insights that include top searches for their business, top locations requesting driving directions, and performance data for their Google+ posts.

Forum discussion at Google+ & Google Business Help.

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Bradley Benner

06/11/2013 11:29 pm

This is a welcome change over the old Places dashboard. Glad to see that go.

Michael Merritt

06/11/2013 11:56 pm

Finally. It's been a long time coming.

Asia Flights

06/12/2013 11:42 am

nice updates by Google but takes a long time.


06/12/2013 11:49 am

Hi, I've got my business google+ page as well as my old googleplace entry - what should I do? Should I go or should I stay?

Stephen J Dow

06/12/2013 04:44 pm

Great. Now if they could actually provide an ability to assign managers THAT WORKS they might have at least a possibly viable business platform. The old and current system do not work...!


06/12/2013 10:55 pm

It's already a mess with maps, local, places, and auto created google+ pages. This new dashboard is useless untill they migrate all systems to one system.


06/20/2013 09:28 pm

Good technique and google maps help me a lot..!

Peter Fischer

11/08/2013 05:22 pm

This guide is a good start to learn more about Google + Local

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