The Google Dance Infographic

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Google DanceYou don't often hear people talk about the Google Dance these days. Simply because both Google Dances are no longer active.

(1) Google held Google Dance events annually to thank advertisers and webmasters for their support. Google stopped those events a few years back.

(2) But before even those events, Google Dances referred to the monthly or so updates Google pushed out to their web index. Webmasters lived and breathed those 30-day intervals between Google pushing out index updates. But eventually, Google did rolling or real-time index updates and the Google Dances went away.

That being said, there are still major Google algorithm updates and documenting those updates is something we have been doing since 2003. You can find all large and even small Google updates in our Google Updates category.

But that might be a bit overwhelming. Instead, created a Google Dance infographic that illustrates some of the major Google updates dating back to 2002. Here it is:

Google Dance Infographic

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alexander zagoumenov

03/21/2011 09:05 pm

It was never an easy game to play. Google made mistakes too, look at 20o2 ;) Thanks for sharing!


03/21/2011 11:17 pm

Hello Barry, glad you found our infographic fun to share. It's always a pleasure when we can contribute something worthwhile to Google changes over the years. The great thing about infographics is I can actually remember how we reacted to every one of those changes, and I can tell from your readers a lot feel the same way. lolol Thanks for the shout out!


03/22/2011 12:11 pm

nice and very much important information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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