Bug: Cursor Not Focused In Google Search Box

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The latest and greatest Google bug is really annoying some users and it is a really minor bug. The issue is that on some versions of browsers, including many versions of Internet Explorer, the mouse cursor is not focusing in automatically in the Google search box on the Google home page.

Google Cursor Focus Bug

Normally, when you go to Google.com, the mouse cursor is in the box. All you need to do is start typing. It is one of the ways Google makes Google faster. But something is preventing the cursor from focusing in the search box on some browsers, making searching slower. Yes, you have to click into the box and then start typing - how annoying!

Here is a video of me replicating the issue:

Again, technically, a small bug, but there are dozens of complaints in the Google Web Search Help forums.

I only linked to one, but there are dozens of threads and maybe hundreds of posts and it just started a few hours ago.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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08/26/2011 12:41 pm

Ew - Internet Explorer?


08/26/2011 01:11 pm

Finally! - i was wondering if i am funny by noticing this annoying bug!, if i am not mistaken it began one day when they uploaded a doodle all of a sudden i found myself typing in the air with invisible words ...

SEO Catalysts

08/26/2011 02:22 pm

Its not a major bug...Nothing to serious... --------- SEO

Valeriu Ilie

08/27/2011 05:18 pm

One thing I've noticed: if you disable Google Toolbar then the bug will disappear. Unfortunately, when you enable it back, the bug comes back.


08/28/2011 12:26 am

I found a workaround to the CURSOR PROBLEM Go to Google home page Select Options in the upper right hand corner Select "Search settings" Scroll down to "Google Instant"Change setting to "Do not use Google Instant" Save Preferences The curser will now be present and "Google Instant" is still active. This may change if and when Google implements a change.


08/28/2011 05:56 pm

My Google doesn't have a "Search Settings" in the upper right corner. Diane 


08/28/2011 06:16 pm

Love the responses of "ew - Internet Explorer" from FF (and other browser) fanboys... because that's so helpful.  It's not like FF or other browsers don't have issues.

Team Louish

08/28/2011 07:15 pm

Yeah this is incredibly annoying. I'm suprised a company this big hasn't fixed this yes.


08/29/2011 01:27 am

 Not happened to me.


08/29/2011 05:43 am

I really hate that bug (have it with google.de on IE 8.0.6001....) I spend a half day to find a solution in the net, but wasn't sucsessfull until your tip. Thanks a lot. Just on remark: google is still suggesting some search words while typing, but the instand search results are gone... Martin  


08/29/2011 05:55 am

At the top of your google page you'll find a black bar. On the left side you can choose "web, pictures, videos, ..." and on the upper right side you see "log in" and a gear-wheel. If you click on the wheel you can select "search option" and inside this menue are settings for the instand search. Deactivate it, save the changes and your cursor is back :-) Martin 


08/30/2011 01:27 am

THANKS! this was annoying the heck out of me!


08/30/2011 01:02 pm

Thanks for the tip, J.  It not solved a problem that was driving me barmy it also solved a related, and more serious issue: i.e. the cursor/typed words 'jumping' to a Google Chrome search box at the top of the page when initating a search in I.E. Google.   I spent the better part of a day trying to fix that particular box. An, lo! your tip fixed both problems.  My thanks.  


08/30/2011 04:56 pm

it does fix it until you close Google and go back in - even if you SAVE changes

Mike Ward33

08/30/2011 05:57 pm

i hope they fix it soon it is very annoying

Maningi Indaba

08/30/2011 07:36 pm

Add me to the list of people getting annoyed about it.  It worked for 10 years, then it stopped!  Fix it please!!!

Maningi Indaba

08/30/2011 07:42 pm

Jiminny:  your workaround only works if you don't clear your cache.  So you have to keep all your cookies and temporary internet files.  I always clear mine on exit, so Google goes back to its old tricks every time.


08/30/2011 09:03 pm

Thank you  for the workaround! It was driving me crazy.


08/31/2011 02:19 am



08/31/2011 09:53 pm

A temp workaround for this -- until Google fixes it -- is to stop clearing your cache.  Increase the security levels on your settings and keep your cache.  Your future browsing of repeated sites WILL be faster.  Furthermore, if you disable cookies EXCEPT for Google's cookie (not hard to do), then you can avoid other annoyances as well. This workaround will help, but you have to be willing to compromise.  Hopefully, Google will get this straightened out. A part of me wonders if this "bug" is really a social test by Google to gauge the Google-faithfuls' reactions to change.  They know full-well the success their classic homepage has enjoyed.  Are they toying with the idea of changing it and violating their original philosophy?  Or are they, perhaps, trying to phase out the classic home page by making it more annoying so as to encourage migration to iGoogle and/or Chrome? Just my 2 bits...


10/21/2011 05:21 pm

okay, i think i found a way to fix this temporarily. well, for me, anyway. i had the add-on new tab homepage installed. i removed it and installed my homepage add-on instead and it works for firefox. in opera, it worked fine to begin with.


11/09/2011 09:46 am

Sorry man....went right back to the same BS after you close that Google window and open a new tab. Using FF 7 on Win7. Minor? Yes. Major irritant as we humans hate changes without our permission? Absolutely.


11/09/2011 09:54 am

Hey all....I just discovered a way around it (for FireFox at least)...although you may not care for it. Basically, you disable the nav bar! 1. Click on "View".....then "Toolbars". 2. Uncheck the "Navigation Toolbar". Now there is no nav bar, but the cursor opens right into the search box! And how often do we really type directly in the nav bar? Most of us simply click on links. BigTim


01/03/2012 02:15 pm

This has worked a treat on chrome, Thank you !!! 


01/27/2012 05:00 pm

Thanks ... it worked for me

Matthew Kirkham

02/06/2012 11:16 pm

 Worked for me too! Thanks


02/11/2012 11:33 pm

I have the same problem with the jumping.  You would think after this many years and that at least google would get their own browser to work correctly...


03/01/2012 09:48 pm

Just discovered that if I sign into my google account before searching, I no longer have to click on the search box. Guessing this is deliberate as Google has a pretty good idea how annoying this issue is. Forcing me to log in in to stop a major annoyance is very suspicious Google. Thought this company would put more importance on user satisfaction than user tracking.

John Miller

03/05/2012 04:10 am

What's the fix ????

John Miller

03/06/2012 09:11 pm

With al the miracles Google can do, why a problem solving this simple issue.


03/25/2012 01:06 am

when I type a word in the google search field it automatically moves to the right when I hit enter. Anyway to reverse this? 


04/13/2012 04:41 pm

moving to Firefox until fixed.  Thanks

Zain Kazi

08/13/2012 10:41 pm

I Tried Uninstalling And Re-Installing Google Chrome And The Problem Is No More, Its Working Ok Now! Just Takes A Few Minutes & Your Bookmarks And Settings Stay The Same!!! :)

Urmil Bhavsar

08/14/2012 11:15 am

Please paste the following web address. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/search-box/mknehpjhljpfaghmicofickbkdagooni Just click "ADDED ON CHROM", then after u will get the full bar of google search

Nakul Dhoot

08/30/2012 08:30 pm

okay, i think i found a way to fix this temporarily. well, for me, anyway. i had the add-on "new tab homepage" installed. i removed it and installed "my homepage" add-on instead and it works for firefox.

Nakul Dhoot

08/30/2012 08:30 pm

okay, i think i found a way to fix this temporarily. well, for me, anyway. i had the add-on "new tab homepage" installed. i removed it and installed "my homepage" add-on instead and it works for firefox.

Nakul Dhoot

08/30/2012 08:32 pm

rokay, i think i found a way to fix this temporarily. well, for me, anyway. i had the add-on "new tab homepage" installed. i removed it and installed "my homepage" add-on instead and it works for firefox.

Maggie Shrive

09/03/2012 06:06 am

Thanks so much what u said work, now I have my computer back :)

Mark V. Sanderford

01/17/2013 03:09 am

I discovered that I was clicking twice on the Firefox icon in the tray. If I clicked once, my typing shows up in the Google search box!


07/07/2014 06:45 pm

Windows 7 has no Navigation Bar.

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