Google Wants To Give You Search Results Without Searching

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How does Google create more ad inventory when there is only so much growth in web or mobile search? Well, AdSense was one way - serving up ads based on contextual relevancy. But there are only so many web pages with ads on them. How about serving up ads based on your interests and your location?

TechCrunch last week covered Google's next big thing, also known as "Contextual Discover." Marissa Mayer of Google explained it as being able to look at either a personís browsing profile or their location profile and serving up interesting data to them without them searching for anything.

Creepy? Gmail ads were creepy at one point too, weren't they?

That being said, I'd love to share some of the comments at WebmasterWorld.

Google has gone bonkers...

Have they?

I feel like hitting out at these crazy do they assume that a person will have only certain kinds of interest all the hell with personalization...

This may sound crazy, but Marrisa wants to push ads to users on the go, via their mobile devices. Yea, Google just finally was able to release latitude on iPhone and they know where all their Android users are also. Yes, Latitude is available for Blackberry. Why not serve you up contextual discovered ads based on knowing you like coffee at 8am when you are near your office?

Scary but useful? Will Google cross yet another line? Yes, if users are willing to let them.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Tad Chef

12/14/2010 01:35 pm

The Beauty and the Beast: Marissa pretends to fullfill your dreams while in the background Eric Schmidt collects your intimate fantasies.


12/14/2010 04:14 pm

This would be nice when I AM looking for something local or based on my prior search history but what if I am searching for something completely unrelated to my location or my prior search history? Won't this limit my scope of my search results?


12/14/2010 06:09 pm

What's the big deal? Serving ads based on profile, location and demographic info is exactly what facebook has been doing for some time now


12/15/2010 06:05 pm

That's creepy too. If I listened to those ads, my world would spiral smaller and smaller, instead of widening. I'd forever be trapped in the interests of my 20 yr old self.


12/15/2010 10:17 pm

smells like foursquare

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