Google Replies To Webmasters Via Contact Us Form

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Google webmaster helpA WebmasterWorld thread has one webmaster claiming Google replied to a request through his web site's contact us form.

He submitted a couple reconsideration requests to Google and Google went to his site and clicked on the contact us and filled out the form.

I am not sure why they wouldn't reply via Google Webmaster Tools but he says they did not.

He said:

Right, but we have the same info@ email set up for contact form and WMT account. This message is not visible on WMT. It's a direct contact with subject ( [#9 figures] Reconsideration Request for! I checked the logs, message came straight to e-mail not contact form, sorry!

Email came as a response to my 3rd reconsideration request, it was a clear reply to my explanation message. Email: I-hid I also think that 3 RR is quite many to deserve personal attention! A guess to speed up the communication: "please reply to this email with the details of your clean-up effort."

I've never heard of this happening before but I can see that it potentially could happen.

I'd be concerned that it would be spam or a scam but in this case, it appears to be legit.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

12/12/2011 06:15 pm

Could be they set up their WMT account to forward messages from Google to their email.  I have done that myself.


12/12/2011 07:45 pm

Barry, they are a lot of fake comments and emails these days. In my blog I got 2 from "Matt Cutts" but I don't know if it was him or not.

Frases Romanticas

12/13/2011 08:05 am

Strange! I Don't think so whether is Possible! Google is One of The Leading Search Engine and How can be It Possible to respond each and every query of webmasters via Phone?


12/13/2011 12:56 pm

How can one verify that the response came from Google and not from some joker?

Barry Schwartz

12/13/2011 12:58 pm

You can't.

Dewaldt Huysamen

12/13/2011 01:21 pm

Maybe check the ip adress of the sender and see if it falls under the Google mail server Ip range? Does this person have access to shell and his server? Can he give us the IP address of the sender? ;-)

Dewaldt Huysamen

12/13/2011 01:23 pm

Not even with the sender's IP address and matching up with known IP range of certain Google support centres IP ranges? Maybe check a email from Google before and what the class C ip range was and then comparing to this one. Sure their mail server might have different IP but maybe same class c? dunno


05/03/2012 12:57 pm

How do you contact someone rather then catagories????


11/11/2013 08:35 am

How do I remove myself from the web search? Some girl posted lies that dented my image.


11/11/2013 08:37 am

Can you pleas help with removing myself from the web ?

Dewaldt Huysamen

11/11/2013 08:53 am

Sure I can drop me an email by submitting form on

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