Google With No Cinco de Mayo Logo: Yahoo, Bing, Ask & Dogpile Celebrate

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Like the previous years, Google is without a special logo, even on Google Mexico, for Cinco de Mayo. The date, May 5th, is celebrated widely in the United States and regions within Mexico but Google is without a logo again.

If you go to you see the standard Google logo and if you go to Google Mexico, you see the standard Google Mexico logo.

But Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Dogpile all have logos, themes or special messages for the special day that celebrated Mexican heritage.

Yahoo's Animated Logo:

Bing's Theme:

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Google with nothing:

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Like I said, many searchers are asking where the logo is.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help Forums.

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William Alvarez

05/05/2011 08:18 pm

Why would Google Mexico do that, what makes you think that Mexicans celebrate "5 de Mayo"? It's one more American thing! Read a little more about this day:

Barry Schwartz

05/05/2011 08:18 pm

I said it is only celebrated in particular regions in Mexico but mostly in America. I said that in the first few lines.

Cristian Bunea

05/05/2011 08:49 pm

Well ,I think Google is more interested about content than logo.


05/05/2011 09:28 pm

Drinko de Mayo is just an excuse for white people to drink! LOL

Luis Alejandro Ramírez

05/09/2011 08:49 am

Mmmm that's not true La Batalla de Puebla is a very important date for Mexico as a country, Im mexican and can assure you that the whole country celebrates this date as it regained the mexican identity at that time amongs the people, as well as stablish our current external relations policy.


05/11/2011 12:29 pm

Really?!?! You have got to be the worst hispanic ever. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican celebration. Americans have jobs and things to do other than party all the time. Way to be stereyotypical.


06/05/2011 05:43 pm

why would google put up a cinco de mayo logo if the cinco de mayo was a battle between mexico and france google is not going to endorse any wars.


02/07/2012 12:34 am

This is a bit late but google used to do cinco de mayo logos a couple of years ago and they were animated and absolutely gorgeous!


05/05/2012 03:31 pm

racist people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


05/05/2012 07:49 pm

this is not an american dont even know the details of why were celebrating this.yes you can celebrate it but dont say its an american tradition cause its NOT!THIS GETTING ON MY NERVES. SO PLZ STOP!THANKYOU

Tom Tchikofski

05/05/2014 01:55 pm

Google will be one of the largest Contractor for Department of Offense

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