Google Buys Waze, The Loved Mapping Software

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wazeGoogle has officially acquired Waze, or announced they have agreed to acquire them. Waze is a social mobile app GPS, mapping, directions application with a very dedicated and loving user base.

The company is Israeli based, thus very popular in Israel but it is used throughout the world. How it differs is that Waze users contribute to the maps by noting accidents, cop traps, traffic and more. It works incredibly well and they have a huge user base.

Google acquired them after rumors of Facebook looking to pay $1.2 billion for them. The rumor is that Google offered $1.3 billion.

Will the deal go through? I think so.

Will the company stay independent? I doubt it. Short term yes, but eventually I see it being fully integrated into Google Maps. Or maybe I am wrong and they will treat it like they treated YouTube? There are hints that it may go either way.

Are you happy Google acquired Waze?

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06/12/2013 01:20 pm

What a shame. Yet another company Google bought to just let die.


06/12/2013 02:15 pm

"Yet another company Google bought to just let die." ...that's not really how mergers and acquisitions work. I was going to look for a video to help explain what I mean but unfortunately Youtube is dead.


06/12/2013 11:25 pm

Youtube was bought because it was beating Google's own video service. This is different Waze was bought to cock block Facebook no other reason. Google feels it's mapping product is superior to waze so they won't be supporting a product they think is inferiror


06/13/2013 11:47 am

Google is goddamn acquirer, i ever seen :(


06/13/2013 11:51 am

Well thank god we have someone here who was a part of the acquisition process here giving us the facts.


06/13/2013 12:59 pm

You don't have to thank me. I do this out of the goodness in my heart.

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