Google Indexing Issue With Custom Blogger Domains?

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Googlebot & BloggerA Google Webmaster Help thread has bloggers who run off the Blogger Custom Domain set up that their new blog posts are not being indexed and ranked in the Google search results.

It seems like this is happening to a large number of those on the Blogger platform - although it is not happening to everyone.

The reports date back to the 8th of February and continue almost 10 days later.

John Mueller from Google first thought it might just be normal Google fluctuations but came back in this morning and said maybe something is up. He wrote:

We hear from your posts here that these fluctuations haven't settled down for some of you, so we're definitely still looking into those details.

Of course, this might be nothing and just a delay on crawling for some sites. Or it may be something bigger. John explains in more detail:

Fluctuations in crawling and indexing can be normal, and are to be expected. While we work hard to make the processes as stable as possible, temporary changes can occur over time. In this case, it looks like we may have reduced crawling of some sites temporarily (this should be back to normal since several days though). You can see our crawling activity in your server logs, or in the Webmaster Tools "Crawl stats" section. If you have seen fluctuations like that in this time, keep in mind that it may take a bit of time for things to settle back down again.

Generally speaking, one possible way to make sure that technical fluctuations like these are resolved as quickly as possible is to make sure that you have a fantastic website. While the quality of your website won't keep technical issues away completely, it can help to make sure that our algorithms are happy to spend a significant part of their time/resources on crawling and indexing your content in an optimal way. While I haven't reviewed all of the sites that posted here, some of them do look like they could be somewhat improved. If you're unsure what that could involve, I'd recommend starting a new thread here, listing your site's URL, the goals of your site, and asking for honest & open feedback from the community at large. A good rule of thumb is to try to be the absolute best, by far, website in your niche -- don't focus on other websites that are "just as bad" or "doing the same thing."

Is your custom Blogger domain indexing new posts fine in Google?

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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02/17/2012 02:23 pm

No..Google not indexing my new blog post and also not updating my older updated post.

Michael Martinez

02/17/2012 04:55 pm

This sounds like a Panda-related issue.  Matt Cutts said last year that Panda-downgraded sites would see reduced crawl.  Since John is advising people to seek specific feedback on the quality of their sites, this may be another indication of at least a semi-automated Panda-like review of sites.

Gowtham T

02/17/2012 05:04 pm

I don't think it has anything to do with Panda (the Panda is doing its job). The thing is since February 6th, the crawlers stopped crawling and indexing the new posts, but they do visit the home page and cache it instantly (few seconds), but for the posts to appear in the good index it takes 2 or 3 days. And this happened to blogs which are only on Custom domains. i have 3 custom domains and 2 blogspot sub-domains.  All the 3 custom domains are facing this problem, but all the stories i post on the sub-domain indexes in seconds.


02/17/2012 05:05 pm

We not lose google search engine traffic...Only indexing problem.  All indexed articles get good traffic.

Asad Wahab

02/17/2012 05:10 pm

Yeah its exactly right, as an example, its happening to me as well, I am trying to use every possible way I can find, using the feed sitemap, which is a way of submitting sitemap to blogspot through google webmaster. I dont know why Google is doing so, but may be Google has some future ideas to either turn the blogspot into paid or may be they just want to transfer people to the other platforms somehow! Atleast after such things from Google no professional blogger would wait a second to move to another platform. Now wants to risk their efforts. Here is my blog hosted at blogger: And you can check the first few posts, they are not indexed in google. Copy the link paste in Google and it gives no results found.


02/17/2012 11:55 pm

I have same problem and I keep indexing them thru google webmaster center - fetch as googlebot tool. its been almost 2 weeks. I tried to contact them but as you know google has best support ever! I didnt get any answer....

Michael Martinez

02/18/2012 01:33 am

Thanks for the clarification.  For what it's worth, there have been issues with Google not crawling/indexing Blogger posts in the past, but I don't know if they were limited to custom domains.


02/18/2012 07:03 am

yes, i have also issue with custom domain in blogger, why they doing this


02/19/2012 07:36 am

t's all ready almost 10 days passed. The issue is only with custom domain and the default blogspot domain indexed fast. We are expecting it will be normal soon.

khaja moin

02/20/2012 05:50 am

As is changed to .in(india) I think this is one reason for not indexing or slow indexing

Amber Lewis

02/20/2012 12:39 pm

Ya i you are right.I agree with you.

Sagar Nargolkar

02/20/2012 02:59 pm

I'm having the same issue with my blog hosted on custom domain, newer posts are not being indexed by Google. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Jim Nickel

02/29/2012 07:23 am site - is not being indexed at all. If you type in the names of the posts even...doesn't come up on Google. Very frustrating.  Not sure what to do about it. Jim


03/05/2012 12:57 pm

Well, this is too much, i thought i have some technical problem on my blog, but after reading many comments here and your post, i am conformed. Google should fix it quickly, our ranking and reputation is going down everyday. 

RE Casper

03/07/2012 09:30 pm

Thanks for this write up... After waiting weeks for this to be resolved... Sorry to say, I have began the jumping of ship to Wordpress.... I loved Blogger, but I cannot have a site thats not being indexed.


03/12/2012 01:20 pm

I Just Cant Imagine whether someone have hacked Google itself!!!!!!!!!:)lollllzz. . never expected this kind of issue with google. .Google have just dead like some being hacked it and it not at all indexing a single post of blogger with custom domains. .i have a custom domain @ and just 9 posts have been indexed by google out of 26 posts!!!! this problem have arised at the beginning of feb 2012 and its still not resolved by Google after a long days!!!!!!!. .just cant think on WHAT'S SUCH BIG PROBLEM WITH GOOGLE AFTER THE LAST PAGERANK UPDATE?? 


03/23/2012 07:41 am

 The problem has started again from 14th March 2012 and appears to be as widespread as the previous one. Google or Blogger never gives any clarification. The Google Webmasters Tools from is unfortunately populated by 2 women Trolls who pounce on and abose anyone who even ventures to ask anything. Google had better do something about as this form is already fast turning into a spam forum.

Sophia Elise

03/23/2012 06:06 pm

I am having this very same issue with Wordpress itself. I was considering switching over to Blogger. Google used to index my site very well and now just refuses to do so. Whatever this issue is seems to be hitting everywhere

Shout Me Tech

03/25/2012 02:27 pm

Move to WordPress..Better control your own stuff yourself.... Moving to WordPress is easy and you can either use inbuilt import option and move to WordPress or use some services like and migrate to WordPress...... Waiting for Google to fix the issue..You might be out of business by then.....


03/27/2012 10:35 pm

my news posts get indexed in 5 days :s


04/04/2012 07:11 pm

i am facing the same problem with my site on blogspot. hope it will resolve as soon as possible. Thanks for the details.


04/17/2012 02:03 pm

This problem is so annoying. My posts have not been indexed and were written early last week. A move to Wordpress might make sense.

Shahnawez Daisy

05/04/2012 12:15 pm

i am facing same problem also 


05/10/2012 10:58 am

Dear sir lease tell me should I delete the blogspot url from google webmaster tools after switching to custom domain? I saw both url is still in the search result up until now.

Hassan Ahmad

06/15/2012 06:09 pm

i am facing same problem also


09/04/2012 03:52 pm

I'm also facing this problem now. I always write unique content for my readers. But it is not working as before it worked. Anyone can help me? My site is:


11/15/2012 08:07 pm

it can be so fustrating. despite the hard work. thank you for this post


12/28/2012 11:25 am

I have 2 blogs and since the 6-7.12.2012 all my image indexing have been removed from all of Google image search results for my custom domain I havent made any dramatic changes to my blog so its not an issue from my side. I opened a topic about it in webmaster central:!msg/webmasters/Q4wWBqkUVh4/zaFZoS2kV


01/18/2013 08:37 am

the same problem is happening on 18th jan - 2013.

Sikar Live

10/12/2013 03:15 am

i face same problem with please suggest what can i do for back again in search result

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