Google+ Adds Friends Birthday Reminders

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Google+ Birthday RemindersOne feature I do like in Facebook that Google+ did not have, until yesterday, was the ability to be reminded when your friends and family have birthdays that day.

Irene Chung from Google announced on Google+ that Google now has that feature.

Assuming your circles on Google+ share their birthday with you, you will see a notification of your friends (circles) birthday for the day and you can wish them a birthday greeting. Same with you, if you share your birthday with your circles, they can wish you a happy birthday greeting.

Irene from Google explained:

Everyone deserves a little love on their birthday, so we’re making it easier for you and your friends to celebrate on Google. Starting today, you’ll see a reminder on when someone in your circles has a birthday! From there it’s easy to share a fun message, photo, or video with the birthday gal or guy.

When it’s your special day, we only remind the people you’ve chosen to share your birthday with. Update your Google+ birthday preferences to make sure you’re sharing with the right people:

At first you’ll only see birthday reminders if you’re searching in English on We’ll be rolling this feature out gradually over the next few days. Here’s to all the happy birthdays to come!

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Praveen Sharma

08/29/2012 01:00 pm

Google+ is slowly including all the features of Facebook which makes both social networks identical. But what I really like about G+ is there Hangout feature which Facebook don't have.

Brijesh Bhalodia

08/29/2012 01:11 pm

For that they have website, owned by Microsoft. You can log in using FB account where you will find same feature as video party. :)


08/30/2012 03:34 pm

Google is is slowly shoving Google+ down to people's throats. Cant even do anything anymore without signing up for G+......its getting ridiculous. Im reluctant to sign up for any Google services anymore.

Webstats Art

08/31/2012 03:18 am

No-one is reading anything on Google Plus except a few die hard google fans. G+ is a creepy place. It is not cool to be a G+ user, almost embarrassing. Its like trying to force people into an unpopular restaurant with 90% Groupon discounts. In the beginning, people will crowd in but they won't go back again and they won't stay. Some artists can buy their way into Hollywood if they have enough power behind them but in the end it is up to the audience to decide if they are going to be more popular than the ever.

Ian Scott

09/10/2012 04:53 pm

Haven't been able to figure out how to play Lexulous on G+ :)

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