Google Indexing Bing's Jellyfish

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Back in 2007, Microsoft acquired, a comparative shopping engines.

Sometime recently, it seems Microsoft set up a 302 redirect from to Bing's search results for [jellyfish].

The interesting part is that this is a rare case where Google has indexed a link to Bing's search results.

The second result in Google for [jellyfish] is

jellyfish google results

When you click it, it does a 302 temporary redirect to and then shows search results on Bing for Jellyfish.

Google Indexing Bing's Jellyfish

I am sure Google will remove the result soon from the search results but this is just a rare case of Google indexing a Bing search result page, because of a weird redirect.

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Josh Zehtabchi

04/24/2014 01:04 pm

That's pretty interesting. Nice find.


04/24/2014 04:01 pm

Google's web scraped word definitions are also easily manipulated via 302 redirects. Some pretty shabby coding going on in those feature sets.

Kyle Risley

04/24/2014 05:26 pm

Could you elaborate on this or provide an example? Thanks :)

Moti Hamou

04/27/2014 05:47 am

What's weird in this behavior? As long as there is only a 302 (temporary) redirect, then Google should still show the original URL (

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