Google Sitelinks Keep Getting Bigger: Good or Bad?

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Google finally announced the mega, huge and jumbo sitelinks we have seen them testing for months.

Let me take you through the history of Sitelinks, even before they were named sitelinks.

In July 2005, Google had this format:

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Then a month later, it looked more like this:

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Here is one from 2006:

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Then can other forms, I'll skip some, but here are the anchor based sitelinks:

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Then also the two column view:

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Heck, even AdWords sitelinks:

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But now the Jumbo sitelinks are here:

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The algorithm has changed for how Google handles this, they will show up to twelve results plus likely show less indented results for the same domain. Is this a good thing for online reputation management?

In addition, we're making a significant improvement to our algorithms by combining sitelink ranking with regular result ranking to yield a higher-quality list of links. This reduces link duplication and creates a better organized search results page. Now, all results from the top-ranked site will be nested within the first result as sitelinks, and all results from other sites will appear below them. The number of sitelinks will also vary based on your query—for example, [museum of art nyc] shows more sitelinks than [the met] because we're more certain you want results from

For more of our coverage on Google Sitelinks see our Google Sitelinks category.

What are your thoughts?

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08/17/2011 02:27 pm

I've lost real estate at the top of one of my  sites as it now includes the sub domains in the jumbo links :(  I had the top 3 spots all of them with sitelinks and now just no1 spot with jumbo.. You win some, you lose some :( ah well

Nick Stamoulis

08/17/2011 02:37 pm

Having those jumbo links makes the number 1 spot in Google that much more valuable. The top ranked site basically owns all of the real estate above the fold. It's great for the number one, but it does push everyone else way down. Plus it has the potential to get a little cluttered.

Michael Martinez

08/17/2011 03:55 pm

I guess it forced someone to buy advertising to compete against one of my non-comemrcial sites.  Very odd....

Jeff Loquist

08/17/2011 04:35 pm

If Google can fix its algorithm to pull quality pages instead of things such as policies pages i think this could be a good this for branded terms. However, I have pulled several queries for our own sites and competitors and am still getting some pretty awful results. The sitelink demotion is a great option, but it would be better if the algorithm was improved...what do you do?


08/17/2011 04:42 pm

I'm just seeing Jumbos associated with brand searches and not individual verticals.  That may roll out later, but for now it's another  indicator of Google's view of authority, reputation, trust, etc...


08/18/2011 01:43 pm

Google gone crazy LOL

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