Authorship Now On Google Image Search. Confused?

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Last night, I covered at Search Engine Land that Google launched authorship within Google Image Search.

Pierre Far from Google tipped us off at SMX about it and it is true, they launched it and no one knew about it - including me. Yea, even me. ;-)

Where can you find it? Go to Google Images, search for an image and click on it and you may see the authorship part, i.e. "by Author Name."

Here is an example:

Authorship On Google Image Search

Why did Google decide to put authorship on image search?

When people search for images, they aren't in a mode of asking, "who wrote this article for the picture?" They are more looking for images and who is the source of the image. Typically, on articles, the person writing the article or blog post, isn't the same person who is the source of the image. So why show authorship here?

For example, this picture of Obama shows "by Juliet Eilperin." But the image itself is by Mark Wilson from Getty Images, the story that the image is on was written by Juliet Eilperin.



So this is just confusing but still, neat to see.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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Stuart David

10/03/2013 01:12 pm

Its also if the word 'by (name) ' appears in the title tag it will attribute that as the author. Most ridiculous thing! So search 'lady gaga' or someone lesser known. Or make a search with the word 'by'. It doesn't just use author rank as a signal for this, not what i have seen in past two weeks anyway.

Stuart David

10/03/2013 01:35 pm

Just an example of the search query I am on about But it doesnt have any author rank in the page, they just rip off on the title.


10/03/2013 06:30 pm

Google News seems to have the opposite problem where they pull images not form the post itself but from seemingly random source.

Stuart David

10/03/2013 07:08 pm

And usually CNN, daily mail, thesun (who you have to pay to see now) when they do match. Heavy bias towards these on Google news and often they just take their stories from minors anyway! Big problems with Google News past 12/15 months!


10/03/2013 10:22 pm

they steal images from us, hotlinking our photos/images directly from their search results and even want we claims "authorship"??? for what? for less privacy and "our submissive - i am agree"????


10/03/2013 10:26 pm

wow, gaga with naked tits! google is very good search engine, just search p-o-r-n on it, and you will see what it think is p-o-r-n. Everything for best user experience!!!!! not see this picture, not see this video, read about sex on wikipedia or in in-depth-articles about pornstar news - google censorship!

Stuart David

10/03/2013 10:34 pm

I think you have missed the point, this was about the 'by' tag that has been positioned and how they arrived at that, please leave your negativity out of it, it clouds the process of gaining real insight into the performance of handles.


10/03/2013 10:46 pm

my answer was joke. I just wanted to show what google display information (such as photos/texts/news) - in any way it want (really in incorrect way).


10/04/2013 04:05 pm

Nice spot. This goes to show how important authorship is to modern day SEO.

Gracious Store

10/05/2013 04:03 am

In general I still do not understand why Google should what to have the pictures of authors on their content

Brenda jones

10/07/2013 12:28 pm

Need guidance in right direction and kind of scared of google. Friday i tried sending mssgs to diff congress folk complaining my comp freezes and so did ipad. Wrote a blog response and wouldn't let me post. It happened again today. Got a weird robot mssg too. What is it and how do I make it stop?


02/06/2014 06:17 pm

me either. i dont particularly want to be judged by my ugly face irl and on the internets too.

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