Google's Panda Update Hopes To Curate An Apple-Like Web

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apple panda google packagingThe NPR had a radio interview with one webmaster who was nailed by the Google Panda update and Google's Matt Cutts.

The radio interview makes you feel the real devastation some webmasters are going through with this Google Panda update. And we have discussed all of that in our prior Panda coverage but as noted in a WebmasterWorld thread, Google's Matt Cutts had a great line that makes more webmasters want to pull out their hair.

Matt Cutts said about 4-5 minutes in explained what sites they want to come up in the top results at Google:

Think about something like an Apple product, when you buy an Apple product you open it up, the box is beautiful, the packaging is beautiful, the entire experience is really wonderful.

The interviewer summed it up by saying:

Google wants the web to look like a brand new Apple iPhone and he wants every entrepreneur to think as hard of the look of their site as hard as they do about the service they provide.

It is some what ironic. Prior to the Panda update you had searchers bashing Google for lack of search quality. Google responds with Panda and now they are getting some bad press from webmasters.

I should add that this specific webmaster and site owner received some personal attention from Google already and not only had his story covered by NPR news and radio but also by the Wall Street Journal. It does make for a good story, telling you how many webmasters feel who were impacted by this Google update.

Here is the radio interview:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Madhav Tripathi

05/05/2011 07:07 pm

Panda update is getting mix reviews from webmasters. Many of my fellow bloggers are suffering from Panda disease and they are trying best prescription drugs.

Online Reputation Management

05/07/2011 07:27 am

Is this about designing part of website?


05/08/2011 07:39 am

To clarify, definitely NOT like an iPod. I repeat, do NOT design your pages with an iPod theme. iPad or iPhone. The Google rater will have 1 second to rate so the template will matter, what a joke Panda has become.


05/09/2011 03:13 pm

Google has lost it's way with this panda ...they opened pandora's box on this one, or I should say opened pandas box as they want a utopian web where the rule the web world like monarchs and issue proclamations. "I want the web to look like an I Phone box and packaging" "I like everything shiny today but tomorrow I like everything matte" You can't measure the overall experience by just measuring words on a page and then issuing a proclamation to all netizens of google land that I want it shiny now but less shiny tomorrow.

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