Google Answers Questions With Longer Responses Now

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Google AnswersGoogle for as long as I can remember showed answers for basic questions. Questions like what is the weather, what is 1+1 and so forth.

Now, Google is answering more complex questions with more more detailed responses.

The community is now noticing these changes, and I covered it at Search Engine Land yesterday. Here are some examples.

Google Answers Questions With Longer Responses Now

Google Answers Questions With Longer Responses Now although, [who killed jfk] did not work.

Google Answers Questions With Longer Responses Now although, spelling Reagan correctly did not bring up the answer.

Google Answers Questions With Longer Responses Now

Any my favorite one is [what is SEO]:

what is SEO

This reminds me of the days where we tried optimizing for Google Definitions.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Gregory Smith

01/29/2014 01:32 pm

This is called "Semantic Search" Barry. Where have you been?

Barry Schwartz

01/29/2014 01:32 pm

:) look at the last example.

Some guy

01/29/2014 02:53 pm

i think what wikipedia is private google property. Soon we will have kitchen machines which will try to answer our questions (with link to wikipedia or to google).


01/29/2014 08:22 pm

So Google can take content from our sites and put it on theirs, but we cant do the same without penalty?

Durant Imboden

01/29/2014 08:28 pm

Just block Googlebot, and you won't have to worry.

Jitendra Vaswani

01/30/2014 04:56 am

This is incredible, liked it

rahul setia

01/30/2014 06:13 am

good post @rustybrick:disqus

Kevin Anchi

01/30/2014 07:16 am

Wow Welcome to machine learning world, This reminds me of the movie AI (Artificial Intelligence, where Haley Joel Osment ask question multiple questions and also combination of questions related to the topic, to the 3D search engine with Einsteins face) LOL, well the funny part is it was a Paid Search Engine


02/05/2014 10:51 am

Apparently this is only for US. In India its not showing up this kind of results for above mentioned queries.

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