Google Marketing Yellowbook's AdWords Services?

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AdWords YellowbookA WebmasterWorld thread has AdWords advertisers complaining that they received emails from Google pitching the services of an AdWords reseller named Yellowbook.

The email reads:

Hello from Google!

For a limited time, Yellowbook will set up a new AdWords account just for you and build your online advertising campaigns at no charge.* And even better, you get a $100 Google AdWords credit to get started. This is a great opportunity for you to have Yellowbook professionally manage your AdWords campaigns.

  • Professionally managed AdWords campaigns created and built by Yellowbook
  • Pay only if you exhaust your $100 credit and choose to continue with Yellowbook*
  • No up-front costs and cancel at anytime
  • Offer expires July 31, 2011

Just call Yellowbook at 866-306-9060 or visit [webreach....] yellowbook com/tryus to take advantage of this offer right away. Hurry because this offer expires July 31, 2011!

Note: If you prefer managing your AdWords account on your own, you can redeem your $100 credit in your existing AdWords account instead.


Your Google AdWords Team

At first, people were suspicious if Google really sent this email but now everyone seems to be convinced that Google did indeed send out this email.

Why would you be upset. Well, these emails may be going to your clients! Google may send your client an email telling them to stop using your services and consider using Yellowbook.

One AdWords professional said:

As a small business that only manages a few clients, I am blown away by the fact that Google is trying to steal our hard earned business by soliciting our customers for Yellowbook. Yes, some of our Client Adwords accounts are temporary dormant, but that doesn't mean we're not still working with them or actively trying to get them back on Google. To try sending them away from us is a disgrace.

I have never seen Google recommend other companies in the past, at least via emails. I have seen rumors of Google stealing AdWords clients and PPC agencies not trusting Google AdWords to not steal from them and even cartoons on the topic.

Yes, Yellowbook is an AdWords partner but how did they convince Google to send this out to some of the advertisers in their network? Was it really from Google? Did it cost Yellowbook anything?

Other AdWords resellers and professionals want answers.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/20/2011 04:26 pm

How much do I have to pay them to send one of these on my behalf?


07/20/2011 07:22 pm

One reason I hate AdWoods, Google, and once owning an agency.  

Alex E

07/20/2011 08:12 pm

Thanks for raising the issue. I think this deserves the spotlight in asking some very important questions about Google's apparent breach in trust. Again, assuming this e-mail is authentic, it certainly warrants a response from their side.


07/20/2011 09:39 pm

Yellowbook won the SEM reseller award from Google in 2008 and 2009 (Google did not present the award to anyone in 2010) for the excellent results and the dynamic reporting that they provide to their SEM clients.  Speaking from experience their tracking and reporting was second to none! It really helps to see how your account is performing down to the point where you can even learn not just clicks but also calls and it allows you to see how much of a conversion your getting from SEM.  I would recommend their services to any business out there.


07/20/2011 09:48 pm

Hello from Google! We noticed that your site has been getting a lot less traffic from Google Search due to some quality violations. Please use this $100 voucher to get some traffic.... Note: You can redeem your $100 credit in your existing AdWords account. Sincerely, Your Google AdWords Team and Panda (soon to be a Google Fellow).


07/22/2011 12:55 pm

Interesting scenario to watch. Knowing google, its probably more profitable for them to partner with yellowbook rather that managing themselves. From the research i can find on yellowbooks management success, It looks like they delivering . Just a thought, google knows they need to diversify product offing due to recent challenges. Yellowbooks multiproduct approach and client base is a very attractive partnership.


08/03/2011 04:44 pm

If people are worried that this will steal away their clients, Think about it: if your client switches, you must not have performed, or built strong relationship in first place. Based upon feedback from clients that I have called on, Yellowbook does a great job, they have salesforce across US (just about every town in America) and aboad, and have won awards from Google. If I owned Google, I would jump on them to sell for me too. Business is Business. I know my job is to make my clients happy, keep prospecting, and not waste time on what I can't control.


08/22/2011 08:12 pm

Per a rep from yellowbook, these emails were only going to people that have inactive adwords programs. If these people stopped to try a 3rd party then yes, your clients could be receiving this email from Google.


09/19/2011 07:39 pm

Get a life and do your job better


09/19/2011 07:47 pm

Why would I not use yellowbook for my program? Google trust them and from what I know the business owners  do to. I would rather work with a well know and well respect business than someone that  goes and gets Google adword certified selling it out of their garage. Who would you trust your business to???? Think about it....

Joe Bystricky

10/29/2011 03:28 am

It is sad for the small adword firm, but google wouldn't recommend them, if they didn't improve the relationship between the advertiser and Google.  Lets face it, they do an amazing job, and their technology is amazing.

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