Search Extensions Being Tested By Google AdWords

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Google AdWords Copy/PasteGoogle seems to be testing a new AdWords Extension, one that has not really been seen or talked about before, from what I can tell.

These are search ad extensions, basically search boxes in the ad, that let you refine your search to results within the site listed in the ad only. Also known as a site search.

Here is a picture of the site search ad extension:

Google AdWords site search ad extension

I spotted this via the WebmasterWorld forums where advertiser jebernier posted a screen shot and then was told by his AdWords representative that his was a beta test being run by Google.

Do you like them?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Brian Cox

10/31/2013 08:01 pm

global industrial is everywhere

David Rothwell

10/31/2013 09:04 pm

Very interesting. Many thanks for the tip-off. Analogous to the YouTube search box. And related to Dynamic Search Campaigns, based on Google's organic index of your site (both good and bad). This is obviously going to happen as yet another new addition to the panoply of Ad Extensions (we love them :-) Note carefully how this advertiser is trying (and failing) to use {Dynamic Keyword Insertion} in the headline of his ad, and how Google is ignoring this advertiser's lack of competency in this area during the test.

Ryan Manning

11/01/2013 02:43 am

How will the CPC be charged? Will it just be based on the target keyword? Will be interesting to see how this impacts CTR too.


02/19/2014 03:50 pm

I saw a competitor of my website using it. Is it possible to implement it right now ? How can i do ?

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