Google AdWords Bids May Be Influenced By Your Remarketing Campaigns Now

Jun 26, 2014 • 8:32 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

Google AdWordsGoogle announced on Google+ that Google may now use your remarketing lists as a quality factor for your AdWords ads, which may impact your AdWords Ad bids and CPCs.

Google wrote:

Starting today, our automated bidding strategies that use conversion data, specifically Conversion Optimizer, Target CPA and Target ROAS will use advertiser-built remarketing lists as real-time signals for search ads, to fine-tune bids and increase conversion volume. This means that our automated bidding technology will now increase or decrease your bids based on the performance of your remarketing lists, in addition to other real-time signals, like location, browser or time of day.

So now part of the bidding algorithm are completely non-search related factors outside of landing pages and so forth. Remarketing lists are built into it.

Here is the example Google provided:

Let’s say you’re trying to drive newsletter subscriptions for your business via search ads, so you set up a conversion event to track newsletter signups. Since you know it takes a couple of website visits before customers subscribe to your newsletter, you might create a remarketing list of people who have visited your website but didn’t sign up. Starting today, Conversion Optimizer will automatically adjust bids for visitors in your remarketing list based on projected lifts in conversion rates. This helps you fine-tune the way you reach customers who visited your website, but haven’t signed up for your newsletter yet.

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06/26/2014 04:34 pm

Why the hell would anyone use automated bidding?


06/26/2014 05:51 pm

for new campaigns I have seen a dramatic reduction in cpc with auto bids... but that was before top of page position targeting was added.

Shuki Mann

06/27/2014 05:52 am

There is no reason to use automated bidding (especially when your know how to use AdWords) but this cool update from Google going to be only on bidding strategies that use conversion data

William Vicary

06/27/2014 11:11 am

Ethalon, have you tried out automated bidding before you make that remark? We have found automated bidding to be very good and can often produce better conversion costs and more conversions than manual bidding, using automation Google (and other enterprise tools) are able to take multiple factors into account (such as time of day, visitor locale and now whether they have visited the website or not) - If you haven't tried them and have sufficient conversions I suggest you try them, I wouldn't write them off just because Google is providing it (it is in their interest to make your website convert, you'll spend more money with them if you do!) Also, on an aside, bidding is one of the worst factors to spend a lot of time on, as soon as you change a bid the landscape changes and you need to change it again, altering things like adcopy, extensions, landing pages, keyword expansion and account structure will generally always provide a strong ROI than altering bids (as long as your bids are appropriate to the goals of the campaign).

Jordan McClements

06/27/2014 11:43 am

I agree with Will. If you have big campaigns and don't want to spend 8 hours a day adjusting bids manually, then CPA bidding is a great invention. And I'd be surprised if you could do a better a much better job adjusting bids manually anyway in the majority of cases. * *I don't know everything, and may be wrong, and this may not apply to every single campaign in every single situation.


06/28/2014 09:51 am

This is the best way to kill affiliates, and encourage brand bidding/programmatic buying. Affiliates more often than not cannot use retargeting, only offer owners can. Genius :)

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