See The New Google AdWords Console Design & Logo

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Google AdWords Reporting IconGoogle is about to launch a new AdWords logo and design for the AdWords advertising console.

There are a select number of advertisers who are currently seeing the new interface and posting screen shots of it on Twitter & Google+.

Here is a picture of the top bar, gray theme and a new Google AdWords logo that goes with it.

New Google AdWords Console Design & Logo

To compare that to the old design, here is a picture of that:

Google AdWords Console

Seems like the advertisers who are seeing this new interface overall like it and are excited to see it.

I personally do not see it and Google has not announced anything new with the AdWords interface yet. But it wouldn't surprise me if this goes live shortly.

Forum discussion at Twitter & Google+.

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David Thompson

10/10/2013 12:19 pm

Do we know if there is any change to the functionality / navigation? From what I see here this looks pretty much like a cosmetic change only. I am also not seeing the new layout on my AdWords account yet.

Mark Beavan

10/10/2013 02:19 pm

I am not seeing it in mine yet, however it seems google is trying to make all of their tools and services have a similar style to its google analytics interface which can only be a good thing.

Michael Tilma

10/10/2013 02:43 pm

I'm not seeing it yet in my previously existing accounts, but I started a new one for a new site and am seeing it there. From what I saw (and it was quick, so I probably missed something), there were a few minor navigation changes but all of the functionality was still there. It seemed to be largely cosmetic, but did feel a lot more streamlined than before. I think it's an improvement.

syed muzammil

10/11/2013 04:43 am

at last some good move by google


10/12/2013 05:15 am

This logo is not bad at all!

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