Google AdWords Ads Take 24 To 72 Hours To Be Approved

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Google AdWords AdsA Google AdWords Help thread has Google's Charvi explaining how long an AdWords ad can take to be approved.

Typically, new or modified ads are approved within 24 hours but it can take as long as 3 days.

The Google representative said:

All new ads are submitted to us for review. We reviewed these as quickly as we can - usually within 3 business days and most often within 24 hours! If your ad complies with our policies and guidelines, it should be approved automatically. Sometimes, we need a human to confirm that your ad can be served.

In addition, edits to ads may require approval, even small edits. Google says edits to ads will be "treated like a completely new ad." And when you edit an ad, all the statistics for that ad are reset to 0.

The tip offered?

To avoid any down-time in which your ad isn't running, create a new ad with the changes you need and pause the old one once the new one is approved!

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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Steve Cameron

05/20/2013 05:01 pm

There are some sectors and "red flags" that the bots will simply spot and stop. sometimes these get into a Google wormhole and no matter how long you wait they will simply never get approval. We ran ads for a B&M pharmacy in Australia for a while and every single ad had to be manually approved (with the accompanying explanation and checking of the certified documentation to show that they were, indeed a physical pharmacy and not an online drug peddler). When the client asked for changes they want them done yesterday and we can't get approval until the day after tomorrow.... Whilst I understand the issues, it would make more sense for Google to introduce a rating system that would relax the approval status for clients/agencies that have had multiple approvals in the past. Certainly we as professionals would be very careful to make sure that we did not abuse this special status as we would not want to lose it - and it would make Google's job much, much easier. I have another client - in Canada - who sells airsoft guns - ads never, ever get approved unless it's done manually. I call up my rep - tell them there are new ads and they approve them instantly in most cases. Why they cannot flag either my agency or my clients with a "special pass" is beyond me....


05/20/2013 07:27 pm

Preach, brother, preach! I work in-house for a large-ish company (annual ad spend is somewhere north of 200k). If there is a problem getting an ad approved a manual review clears everything up quickly...but having to get a manual review every time the ad copy contains a word ('bayonet mount' constantly triggers the weapon-disapproval) can be a pain. I can't even imagine what a pain the pharmacy must be, not to mention airsoft. I would love for a client-level white list on certain words/terms that always trigger the need for a manual review and have been proven to be a technicality and not an actual rule violation.

Aaron Weiner

05/21/2013 02:02 pm

Interesting, however I have seen ads stuck under review for over a week. Lately Google have been pretty good at reviewing ads quickly. Whenever I do run into a problem with an under review ad I use this form on Google's website: Ads are usually dealt within quickly after that.

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