Google Advanced Search Features Not Working

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Google Advanced SearchA Google Web Search Help thread is one of many with complaints that Google Advanced Search options are not working.

In short, under the "Then narrow your results by..." options are disabled for some. When you click on them, they do not work for users. I am not sure what the issue is, but users are reporting it not working in all browsers, including IE, Firefox and Google's Chrome. I tested it myself in Chrome on a Mac and it works fine.

Google's Kousha said that he will escalate the issue, being that there are enough reports of issues to warrant someone to look into the issue. Kousha wrote:

I've heard from multiple users about this issue, so I'm going to escalate the issue and check back with any updates.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Jacob Klein

09/20/2012 06:18 pm

Bit of an update from Matt C:


09/21/2012 08:33 am

everything for good user experience, it one from lot of examples.


09/21/2012 11:46 pm

Google advance search does not work with chrome

Tory Lynx

03/06/2013 03:52 pm

Months later and my advanced search doesn't work. I thought the one thing Google *could* handle was a search engine. Pathetic.

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