Google AdSense Publishers Want Responsive Design Ads

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Responsive Web Design & GoogleAbout six months ago said they prefer webmasters go with a responsive design technique for their web sites.

But like anything Google related, the paid side and organic side do not see eye to eye on things.

Google AdSense publishers for the past year or so have been pleading with Google to create ad units that work out of the box with responsive designs.

There are forum posts dating back almost a year in the Google AdSense Help forums plus other threads at places like WebmasterWorld.

In short, more and more publishers are adopting a responsive design approach to their web design. But monetizing those designs are harder and harder. Amit Agarwal posted one solution six months ago but that may be considered against Google's terms of service, so you need to be careful.

The real solution is for Google AdSense to come out with an ad unit that supports dynamic sizing of ads along with your web design that supports it as well.

It is known that the Google AdSense team is seriously thinking (maybe working on) about how to achieve this and I wouldn't be surprised if we see something from Google on this front within the next 6 to 12 months. Hopefully sooner.

Are you frustrated with Google over this?

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help and WebmasterWorld

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Jerry Nordstrom

02/05/2013 01:39 pm

Although I would like to see dynamic ad sizing for our publisher properties, I can also appreciate the complexity it creates for Google on many fronts. How will advertisers be able to test and target the effectiveness of their ads when the display size could vary so greatly from one visit to the next, or even during a visit? What kind of user experience would you create if image ads in low rez were being scaled to full screen width? How does a publisher create a responsive design that toggles between responsive ads and "static" ads? The coding becomes more complex and depending on the implementation you could easily violate adsense rules. A responsive ad unit would need to be a very distinct element carried through the entire Google ecosystem so that it could be identified, controlled and measured by both adwords and adsense users. So although Lead Discovery is building with responsive designs and would enjoy having a responsive ad unit I do understand that this I is no small undertaking.

Johannes "Jojo" Siemers

02/05/2013 03:11 pm

The german Google AdSense-Team published in December a post about responsive AdSense-code and approved the code of Amit (without mentioning him) as the only recommended change to the AdSense code that is not a violation of the TOS. You can find the post here:


02/05/2013 06:55 pm

It is ridiculous that Google has remained silent on this issue. They could at least say they are working on a solution. I have read many of the threads and the Adsense team has yet to respond to the numerours requests for answers.

Chaz Scholton

02/12/2013 07:49 am

I've been making a list of specifications for one of my websites, tonight I decided to search how to deal with this issue because I currently have Adsense ADs which will need to scale or even change placement.

Gices Abraham

02/27/2013 07:53 am

Barry, the Adsense team has approved the conditional ad width selection proposed by Amit (he updated his post to reflect this). The code just specifies what adsense width to render based on screen size, so it's not altering the ads in any way.

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