Google AdSense To Detail Policy Violations Going Forward

Aug 7, 2013 • 8:09 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

Google AdSense logoOne of the biggest complaints I see in the forums is from publishers complaining their Google AdSense accounts were suspended or banned but claim they have no idea why.

Well, Google has been listening over the past ten years and finally is introducing more detailed policy violation notifications via email and within the AdSense console.

Google said:

Going forward, if our system detects a policy violation, you’ll receive both an email and an account notification with a link to view more details. Under the Policy violations section on the home tab, you can quickly access important information including details on each violation, the issue ID and an example of the violation on your site. The page will also include details on the action you need to take to resolve the violation.

Here is a screen shot of the alert in the AdSense console:

Adsense Policy Notifications - click for full size

Here is a screen shot of the details you may see in such a notification (click to enlarge):

Adsense Policy Notifications - click for full size

Honestly, I am a bit skeptical if this will really do it for those who were suspended or banned, but time will tell.

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Charles Floate

08/07/2013 12:20 pm

Finally! I've seen numerous people get their accounts banned after earning a couple $100s just with 0 violations.. Google's WAY to strict when it comes to their Adsense program and sometimes, I reckon they just hire people to ban accounts, Google is evil after all :P

Praveen Sharma

08/07/2013 12:34 pm

It took 10 years to Google to come up with this. Wow, they resolve user's issues quite promptly.

Jamie Knop

08/07/2013 03:27 pm

About time.. lets hope this works for old accounts!


08/07/2013 05:42 pm

Spoke to my acct manager--she said that Google needs every penny they can get, no longer can afford to be capricious.


08/07/2013 05:47 pm

This Just in Another Google announcement 'It will take us 10 more years to have a phone number! muahahahahahahahaha"

Gail Nobles

09/03/2013 10:07 pm

I don't know about Google. There are people afraid to use them. People really don't click on those ads. People shouldn't rely on Google Adsense. They might not always be around. If you know how to go about it, make your own ad program.


09/17/2013 02:02 pm

not fair for ppl who get banned b4 this feature... kinda, weird suddenly get banned for unknown reason

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