Google Pays AdSense Publishers Later This Month

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Google AdSense DollarsGoogle posted in the Google AdSense Help forums that payments will be made a bit later than normal due to the timing of when the weekend falls out.

Google said in the thread that instead of payment going through around March 22nd, it is likely to go through March 24th instead. Here is Google's explanation of why:

During most months, we typically begin initiating normal monthly scheduled payments at approximately midnight GMT on the 22nd calendar day of each month and send the instructions to our bank later that day. Due to this date falling on a weekend this month and to align with bank business days, we will begin initiating March regularly scheduled payments later this weekend for accounts with no payment holds and a balance exceeding the minimum payment threshold. We expect our bank to receive and begin processing your payment instructions around mid-day (GMT) on Monday, 24 March. For EFT or wire transfer payments, the payment clearing processes in various locations may take three or more additional banking days before you receive the funds in your bank account.

Google says expect to get payment posted to your bank account before the end of the month or maybe sooner.

If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to ask them in the forums.

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.

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03/24/2014 02:43 pm

Google paid out over $1 billion last year in Adsense payments, divide by 12, and what is interest on that money for the longer time period. Probably wasn't their plan but..


03/24/2014 03:27 pm

Last month was the same story, payment arrived on Feb 27-28. "/

Amir Ariff

03/24/2014 06:37 pm

I thought it was around $10 billion?

Durant Imboden

03/24/2014 06:52 pm

Maybe they should follow the example of my old rep firm, which thought payment in 90 days was quick! (To be fair, the rep firm often waited a long time for payments from advertisers, and bad debts weren't unheard of.)


03/25/2014 01:51 pm

Wow, my AdBlocker is saying '13 ads blocked on this page only' greed, greed, greed.

Jason Parker

03/26/2014 01:14 am

Captain Darrow: I'm not a soldier, Major. The day we took hostages, we became mercenaries. And mercenaries get paid. I want my FUCKING money!

Waw ads on a free website, waw

03/26/2014 07:25 am

Yea, keep using that adblocker and you will use it alongside your wallet to read anything ...


03/26/2014 06:11 pm

I guess I got lucky. My payment came in today.

Calvin Blanco

03/27/2014 12:07 am

Says payment was sent on 25th, still awaiting for my payment in my bank account though. *sigh I just refreshed my bank account, it's there now! WOOOOHOOO - time to go shopping on Amazon. LOL

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