Google Sends Malware & Low Earnings To Publishers On Christmas

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It seems like this Christmas wasn't all that Christmassy for some Google AdSense publishers. Some are complaining that it was the worst earnings day in their history, while others are saying they found malware on their site published on their sites from Google's ad network.

A Google AdSense Help thread has a post from an AdSense publisher on the malware issue. He said, "My Christmas present from Adsense was a malware attack."

My Christmas present from Adsense was a malware attack. I have turned off the certified ad networks and will discontinue Google ads if it continues. The income is not worth the risk.

I have reviewed all the code. Everything is my HTML except for adsense. This happened once before and after a review Google reported the site clean. I hope it is just the networks and not all of adsense.

Merry Christmas

Google has not confirmed any malware attacks on their network, so this is all hearsay right now.

Meanwhile a WebmasterWorld thread has reports that it was the worst earnings day of all time for most publishers. Now Christmas is normally expected to be lower on the earnings scale, but publishers are saying it was worse than all previous Christmas days. A WebmasterWorld senior member said:

From an Adsense revenue point of view this has been BY FAR the worst December ever (for me) in a year which can only be described as by far the worst ever.

Without quoting exact figures, I can say I am earning a mere fraction of what I would normally this time of the year. Even my first Adsense year which was previously by far the slowest (before this year) was better performing.

Merry Christmas

So how about that, low earnings and malware for Christmas?

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help and WebmasterWorld.

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12/28/2010 02:18 pm

Seriously? Cyber Monday was the largest online advertising day in history. This month has been nothing but gravy for the online ad industry. Comscore, IAB, lots of places are saying this has been a record setting month. I know my adsense revenue has been record setting as well, on all my sites. Maybe... I don't know... these publishers complaining are too small to see the trend, or just in really poor niche topics, or maybe their traffic is just down from increased competition.


12/30/2010 12:30 am

This chris dude is an idiot. I've never seen earnings so low and all my sites are over 5 years old and spread out over 100 niches. I know many other adsense publishers and we're all in the same boat. Cyber Monday, however... was very kind.

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