Poll: Can You Make A Full Time Income Off Google AdSense?

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Google AdSense Ads PricingA WebmasterWorld thread has Google AdSense publishers talking about how feasible it is these days to make a full time income from Google AdSense.

Yes, there are many individuals as well as companies that make most, if not all, of their money with Google AdSense. The issue is, some publishers are complaining it is not as easy as it once was to keep that income coming in. With Panda out and still paying a huge toll on many sites - bringing in easy money with AdSense is much harder these days.

So you have to work at it, and when you work at it, can you bring in a full time income from Google AdSense?

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Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Brands Exposed Ltd

03/12/2012 12:49 pm

Google are heavily blocking sites with to much advertisements now, lets face it, when searching why do you want to have to click through yet again to what you want to find. To even make a good amount of money on adsense you would need to be getting 100k unique visitors a month... www.brandsexposed.co.uk


03/12/2012 01:06 pm

You have to be insane, unless you have years of backup $$. Don't forget that Google will also drop you from adsense for no reason, no real appeal.


03/12/2012 01:50 pm

Easy come, easy go. If you try to get rich quick, cut corners, chase fads, push the limits of rules and policies, the income is risky. This is true for SEO or Google Adsense.  On the other hand, if you do things right, build quality over time, it is very stable.  Maybe a lot of people trying to get in this industry find the hill harder to climb because it is taller now than it used it be, and they're impatient. I have the luxury of being successful and if I launch something new I can happily wait years for it to pay off or grow, and when traffic grows the right way I don't fear losing it overnight. I have sites that have been ranked well for over a decade now, through Florida and Farmer and Panda, I feel they're safe.  Patience and perseverance will pay off in the end. That, and don't pick a stupid niche, like "Myspace Layouts" some of those people made thousands of dollars a day, then it all went away, because it was a fad.  I think the problem with many wannabe publishers is they're often of similar backgrounds (young, male, nerdy) without sufficient diversity of interests and they tend to make sites about what they know and like. One of the reasons I think women have a natural edge in this industry (or did), in earlier days women's interests sites weren't being made as often. Less competition than on, say, yet another ringtone or game site.  Look at Pinterest for a more modern example of that. 


03/12/2012 03:55 pm

If I moved away from the south east of UK then yes but I don't fancy moving so adsense isn't enough on it own :) 

Imi Papuscan

03/12/2012 04:12 pm

I think would be much more interesting to vote about "Can You Make A Full Time Income Based on Google Traffic?" When your business model is about getting visitors from Google and display ads, no matter if you use AdSense or something else. 


03/12/2012 09:53 pm

Part of the problem is people pushing ideas on how to make money online via adsense ads and google traffic rather than creating an actual business model. Whenever I read those long posts about how to do keyword research, find high paying keywords, and create targeted pages based on long tail searches, I bust out laughing.   Remember kids, a business based on google traffic and adsense revenue is not a business, is speculation.  Given the changes with adsense and panda is better to treat google for speculation purposes rather than a way to build your publishing business. Just ask Ezine articles :)


03/13/2012 12:43 pm

brandsexposed you have an unfortunate domain name, although it did get my attention LOL


04/07/2012 04:05 pm

 I'm with you, my path is similar to yours.  Even Panda has been kind to me.  As of late, however, despite ever increasing traffic, my AdSense revenue is down 30% sinec January.   I'll keep at it, though. As for Pinterest, their model is entirely based on copyright infringement, I wouldn't hold them up as an example to follow.   Pinterest is one of the worst web citizens.


04/07/2012 04:05 pm

That happened to me years ago, I appealed somehow and was re-instated.


05/05/2012 09:35 am

I am not sure this can be the case. We need multiple streams to earn a sustainable income. Adsense alone can be too risk. Very volatile to policy change.

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